Abandoned City

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Abandoned City SSM0147

This collection of tracks will take you away to far away lands and distant worlds, great for Documentary, Film, Drama and Heavy News Stories

Space & Sound Music SSM0147

  • 001Time To RunFull Mix2:30
  • 002Time To RunAlt Mix No Lead2:30
  • 003Time To RunLead2:30
  • 004Time To RunSynths Bass2:30
  • 005Time To RunDrums FX2:30
  • 006SyntheticsFull Mix2:07
  • 007SyntheticsAlt Mix No Lead2:07
  • 008SyntheticsLead2:07
  • 009SyntheticsSynths Bass2:07
  • 010SyntheticsDrums FX2:07
  • 011StalkingsFull Mix1:52
  • 012StalkingsAlt Mix No Perc1:52
  • 013StalkingsAlt Mix No Lead1:52
  • 014StalkingsArp Stem1:52
  • 015StalkingsSynth Stem1:52
  • 016StalkingsFX Stem1:52
  • 017StalkingsCello Stem1:52
  • 018StalkingsPerc Stem1:52
  • 019Abandoned PlacesFull Mix2:43
  • 020Abandoned Places60sec1:00
  • 021Abandoned Places30sec0:30
  • 022Abandoned PlacesStrings2:43
  • 023Abandoned PlacesSynths2:43
  • 024Abandoned PlacesBass2:43
  • 025Abandoned PlacesDrums FX2:43
  • 026AbandonedFull Mix2:23
  • 027AbandonedAlt Mix Lite2:23
  • 028AbandonedDrones Stem2:23
  • 029AbandonedGuitars Stem2:23
  • 030AbandonedMelodies Stem2:23
  • 031AbandonedRhythmic Pulse Stem2:23
  • 032AbandonedBasses Stem2:23
  • 033AbandonedDrums Stem2:23
  • 034AbandonedSFX Stem2:23
  • 035As Dusk DescendsFull Mix2:08
  • 036As Dusk DescendsAlt Mix No Strings2:08
  • 037As Dusk DescendsAlt Mix No Woodwinds2:08
  • 038Crossed LinesFull Mix2:09
  • 039Crossed LinesStrings2:09
  • 040Crossed LinesSynths Bass2:09
  • 041Crossed LinesDrums FX2:09
  • 042Dark BeautyFull Mix2:21
  • 043Dark BeautyAlt Mix Lite2:21
  • 044Dark BeautyDrones Stem2:21
  • 045Dark BeautyPiano Stem2:21
  • 046Dark BeautySFX Stem2:21
  • 047Dark BeautySynths Stem2:21
  • 048Dark BeautyBass Stem2:21
  • 049Dark BeautyDrums Stem2:21
  • 050Dark FrequenciesFull Mix2:01
  • 051Dark FrequenciesAlt Mix No Lead2:01
  • 052Dark FrequenciesAlt Mix No Perc2:01
  • 053Dark FrequenciesLead Stem2:01
  • 054Dark FrequenciesSynth Stem2:01
  • 055Dark FrequenciesPerc Stem2:01
  • 056Dark FrequenciesFX Stem2:01
  • 057Fate AwakensFull Mix1:56
  • 058Fate AwakensAlt Mix No Piano1:56
  • 059Fate AwakensAlt Mix No Strings1:56
  • 060RevengeFull Mix1:45
  • 061RevengeAlt Mix No Strings1:45
  • 062RevengeAlt Mix No Keyboards1:45
  • 063Streets and ShadowsFull Mix2:12
  • 064Streets and ShadowsAlt Mix Bed2:12
  • 065Streets and ShadowsAlt Mix No Perc2:12
  • 066Streets and ShadowsPluck Stem2:12
  • 067Streets and ShadowsSynth Stem2:12
  • 068Streets and ShadowsCello Stem2:12
  • 069Streets and ShadowsBass Stem2:12
  • 070Streets and ShadowsPerc Stem2:12
  • 071Twisted RealityFull Mix2:16
  • 072Twisted RealityBass2:16
  • 073Twisted RealityKeys2:16
  • 074Twisted RealitySynths2:16
  • 075Twisted RealityDrums FX2:16
  • 076Voices From BeyondFull Mix2:08
  • 077Voices From BeyondAlt Mix No Metallic Synth2:08
  • 078Voices From BeyondVocal Synth2:08
  • 079Voices From BeyondMetallic Synth2:08
  • 080Voices From BeyondSynths Bass2:08
  • 081Voices From BeyondDrums FX2:08




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