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Dystopian SSM0146

This collection of edgy dark ominous tracks are perfect for Documentry, Film and Heavy News

Space & Sound Music SSM0146

  • 001Android RevolutionFull Mix2:21
  • 002Android Revolution60sec1:00
  • 003Android Revolution30sec0:30
  • 004Android Revolution15sec0:15
  • 005Android RevolutionSynths2:21
  • 006Android RevolutionDrums FX2:21
  • 007Android RevolutionBass2:21
  • 008Dystopian DreamFull Mix2:06
  • 009Dystopian DreamAlt Mix No Pad2:06
  • 010Dystopian DreamSynths Bass2:06
  • 011Dystopian DreamDrums FX2:06
  • 012Gathering SwarmFull Mix1:48
  • 013Gathering SwarmAlt Mix No Pulses1:48
  • 014Gathering SwarmAlt Mix No Sub Bass1:48
  • 015Silent FollowerFull Mix2:05
  • 016Silent FollowerSynths Bass2:05
  • 017Silent FollowerDrums FX2:05
  • 018Twisted RobotFull Mix2:05
  • 019Twisted RobotAlt Mix No Perc2:05
  • 020Twisted Robot60sec1:00
  • 021Twisted Robot30sec0:30
  • 022Twisted Robot15sec0:15
  • 023Twisted RobotSynth Stem2:05
  • 024Twisted RobotPerc Stem2:05
  • 025Twisted RobotFX Stem2:05
  • 026UnchainedFull Mix2:20
  • 027UnchainedAlt Mix Lite2:20
  • 028UnchainedMelodic Elements Stem2:20
  • 029UnchainedGuitars Stem2:20
  • 030UnchainedBass Stem2:20
  • 031UnchainedRhythm Stem2:20
  • 032UnchainedCymbal Stem2:20
  • 033UnchainedSFX Stem2:20




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