Psychological Thriller

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Psychological Thriller SSM0145

Psychological Thriller will take you to a creepy, disturbing dark place. Great for Horror, Thriller, Documentary and Drama

Space & Sound Music SSM0145

  • 001Critical DarknessFull MIx1:34
  • 002Critical DarknessCellos Stem1:34
  • 003Critical DarknessFX Stem1:34
  • 004Critical DarknessNo Perc Stem1:34
  • 005Critical DarknessPerc Stem1:34
  • 006Locked SecretsFull Mix2:21
  • 007Locked SecretsStrings2:21
  • 008Locked SecretsDrums FX2:21
  • 009ReplicantsFull Mix2:00
  • 010ReplicantsAlt Mix Lite2:00
  • 011ReplicantsStrings Stem2:00
  • 012ReplicantsRhythmic Arp Stem2:00
  • 013ReplicantsBass Stem2:00
  • 014ReplicantsDrums Stem2:00
  • 015Guardian of the LabyrinthFull Mix2:34
  • 016Guardian of the LabyrinthAlt Mix No FX2:34
  • 017Guardian of the Labyrinth60sec1:00
  • 018Guardian of the Labyrinth30sec0:33
  • 019Guardian of the Labyrinth15sec0:16
  • 020Guardian of the LabyrinthFlute Stem2:34
  • 021Guardian of the LabyrinthViolins Stem2:34
  • 022Guardian of the LabyrinthCellos Stem2:34
  • 023Guardian of the LabyrinthBass Stem2:34
  • 024Guardian of the LabyrinthFX Stem2:34
  • 025Strange TwilightFull Mix2:21
  • 026Strange TwilightAlt Mix No Perc2:21
  • 027Strange TwilightAlt Mix No Piano2:21
  • 028Strange TwilightCello Stem2:21
  • 029Strange TwilightPerc Stem2:21
  • 030Strange TwilightPiano Stem2:21
  • 031Strange TwilightStrings Stem2:21
  • 032Strange TwilightSynth Stem2:21
  • 033Strange TwilightBass Stem2:21
  • 034PendulumFull Mix1:20
  • 035PendulumAlt Mix No Long Strings1:20




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