Minimal Neutral

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Minimal Neutral SSM0144

This collection minimal neutral pulses are great underneath dialog. Perfect for Documentary, News, Drama and Film

Space & Sound Music SSM0144

  • 001Keep Your ComposureFull Mix2:57
  • 002Keep Your ComposureSynth Stem2:57
  • 003Keep Your ComposureKeyboards Stem2:57
  • 004Keep Your ComposurePercussion Stem2:57
  • 005Keep Your ComposureDrums Stem2:57
  • 006InsightFull Mix3:24
  • 007InsightSynth Stem3:24
  • 008InsightGuitar Stem3:24
  • 009InsightDrums Stem3:24
  • 010PindropsFull Mix2:19
  • 011PindropsSynth Stem2:19
  • 012PindropsKeyboard Stem2:19
  • 013PindropsPercussion Stem2:19
  • 014PindropsDrums Stem2:19
  • 015Reflective RainFull Mix3:33
  • 016Reflective RainKeyboards Stem3:33
  • 017Reflective RainPercussion Stem3:33
  • 018Reflective RainDrum Stem3:33
  • 019KaleidoscopeFull Mix2:53
  • 020KaleidoscopeKeyboards Stem2:53
  • 021KaleidoscopeSynth Stem2:53
  • 022KaleidoscopePercussion Stem2:53
  • 023The GrottoFull Mix3:20
  • 024The GrottoSynth Stem3:20
  • 025The GrottoPercussion Stem3:20
  • 026The GrottoDrums Stem3:20
  • 027Anecdotal EvidenceFull Mix3:11
  • 028Anecdotal EvidenceSynth Stem3:11
  • 029Anecdotal EvidenceKeyboards Stem3:11
  • 030Anecdotal EvidenceBass Stem3:11
  • 031Anecdotal EvidencePercussion Stem3:11
  • 032Anecdotal EvidenceDrums Stem3:11
  • 033Carousel of MemoriesFull Mix3:13
  • 034Carousel of MemoriesKeyboards Stem3:13
  • 035Carousel of MemoriesSynth Stem3:13
  • 036Carousel of MemoriesBass Stem3:13
  • 037Carousel of MemoriesPercussion Stem3:13
  • 038Carousel of MemoriesDrums Stem3:13
  • 039Glacial FreezeFull Mix3:23
  • 040Glacial FreezeKeyboards Stem3:23
  • 041Glacial FreezeStrings Stem3:23
  • 042Glacial FreezeSynth Stem3:23
  • 043Glacial FreezePercussion Stem3:23
  • 044Glacial FreezeDrums Stem3:23
  • 045Meandering ThoughtsFull Mix2:58
  • 046Meandering ThoughtsKeyboards Stem2:58
  • 047Meandering ThoughtsSynth Stem2:58
  • 048Meandering ThoughtsPercussion Stem2:58
  • 049Meandering ThoughtsDrums Stem.2:58




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