Soul Fire (Funky Soul Grooves)

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Soul Fire (Funky Soul Grooves) SSM0141

Fun, cool, and groovy, this collection of soul tracks feature funky basslines, smooth guitar licks, and live texture-rich horns to create an upbeat late-night atmosphere.

Space & Sound Music SSM0141

  • 001Low RiderFull Mix3:21
  • 002Low RiderAlt Mix No Horns3:21
  • 003Low Rider60 sec0:54
  • 004Low Rider30 sec0:28
  • 005Low Rider15 sec0:15
  • 006Low RiderPercussion Stem3:21
  • 007Low RiderKeyboards Stem3:21
  • 008Low RiderHorns Stem3:21
  • 009Low RiderGuitar Stem3:21
  • 010Low RiderBass Stem3:21
  • 011Low RiderDrums Stem3:21
  • 012Vintage PieFull Mix2:50
  • 013Vintage PieAlt Mix No Horns2:50
  • 014Vintage Pie60 sec0:58
  • 015Vintage Pie30 sec0:33
  • 016Vintage Pie15 sec0:15
  • 017Vintage PieBass Stem2:50
  • 018Vintage PieGuitar Stem2:50
  • 019Vintage PieHorns Stem2:50
  • 020Vintage PieKeyboards Stem2:50
  • 021Vintage PiePercussion Stem2:50
  • 022Vintage PieDrums Stem2:50
  • 023Flow FunkFull Mix2:12
  • 024Flow FunkAlt Mix No Horns2:12
  • 025Flow Funk60 sec0:58
  • 026Flow Funk30 sec0:30
  • 027Flow Funk15 sec0:17
  • 028Flow FunkKeyboards Stem2:12
  • 029Flow FunkHorns Stem2:12
  • 030Flow FunkGuitar Stem2:12
  • 031Flow FunkBass Stem2:12
  • 032Flow FunkPercussion Stem2:12
  • 033Flow FunkDrums Stem2:12
  • 034Conversion PalaceFull Mix3:31
  • 035Conversion PalaceAlt Mix No Vocal3:26
  • 036Conversion Palace60 sec0:58
  • 037Conversion Palace30 sec0:31
  • 038Conversion Palace15 sec0:15
  • 039Conversion PalaceVocal Stem3:31
  • 040Conversion PalaceGuitars Stem3:31
  • 041Conversion PalaceHorns Stem3:31
  • 042Conversion PalaceKeyboards Stem3:31
  • 043Conversion PalaceBass Stem3:31
  • 044Conversion PalacePercussion Stem3:31
  • 045Conversion PalaceDrums Stem3:31
  • 046Funk UniverseFull Mix2:18
  • 047Funk UniverseAlt Mix No Vocal2:18
  • 048Funk Universe60 sec0:57
  • 049Funk Universe30 sec0:29
  • 050Funk Universe15 sec0:14
  • 051Funk UniverseVocal Stem2:18
  • 052Funk UniverseGuitar Stem2:18
  • 053Funk UniverseHorns Stem2:18
  • 054Funk UniverseKeyboards Stem2:18
  • 055Funk UniversePercussion Stem2:18
  • 056Funk UniverseBass Stem2:18
  • 057Funk UniverseDrums Stem2:18
  • 058SalvationFull Mix3:20
  • 059SalvationAlt Mix No Flute3:20
  • 060Salvation60 Sec1:00
  • 061Salvation30 Sec0:30
  • 062Salvation15 Sec0:15
  • 063SalvationGuitars Stem3:20
  • 064SalvationHorns Stem3:20
  • 065SalvationKeyboards Stem3:20
  • 066SalvationBass Stem3:20
  • 067SalvationPercussion Stem3:20
  • 068SalvationDrums Stem3:20




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