Sneaky Quirky Fun Orchestral

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Sneaky Quirky Fun Orchestral SSM0134

Quirky, sneaky and eccentric, this collection of light-hearted tracks features playful pizzicato strings and spirited percussion to fit into any lively production.

Space & Sound Music SSM0134

  • 001Who KnowsFull Mix2:09
  • 002Who KnowsAlt Mix No Lead2:09
  • 003Who Knows15 secs0:15
  • 004Who Knows30 secs0:30
  • 005Who Knows60 secs1:00
  • 006Who KnowsSus Strings Stem2:09
  • 007Who KnowsMallets Stem2:09
  • 008Who KnowsCongas Stem2:09
  • 009Gentle StressFull Mix2:13
  • 010Gentle StressAlt Mix No Lead2:13
  • 011Gentle Stress15 secs0:15
  • 012Gentle Stress30 secs0:30
  • 013Gentle Stress60 secs1:00
  • 014Gentle StressPizzicato Srings Stem2:13
  • 015Gentle StressClarinet Stem2:13
  • 016Gentle StressMallets Stem2:13
  • 017Gentle StressTremolo Strings Stem2:13
  • 018Gentle StressSus Strings Stem2:13
  • 019Gentle StressBass Srings Stem2:13
  • 020Gentle StressPercussion Stem2:13
  • 021Gentle StressDrums Stem2:13
  • 022Suspicious About YouFull Mix2:05
  • 023Suspicious About YouAlt No Lead2:05
  • 024Suspicious About You15secs0:15
  • 025Suspicious About You30secs0:30
  • 026Suspicious About You60secs1:00
  • 027Suspicious About YouFX Stem2:05
  • 028Suspicious About YouStrings Stem2:05
  • 029Suspicious About YouClarinet Stem2:05
  • 030Suspicious About YouMallets Stem2:05
  • 031Suspicious About YouBass String Stem2:05
  • 032Suspicious About YouPercussion1 Stem2:05
  • 033Suspicious About YouPercussion2 Stem2:05
  • 034Suspicious About YouDrums Stem2:05
  • 035The Eye Of The CrimeFull Mix2:12
  • 036The Eye Of The CrimeAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 037The Eye Of The Crime15sec0:15
  • 038The Eye Of The Crime30sec0:30
  • 039The Eye Of The Crime60sec1:00
  • 040The Eye Of The CrimeTremolo Strings Stem2:12
  • 041The Eye Of The CrimeE Bass Stem2:12
  • 042The Eye Of The CrimeGuitar Stem2:12
  • 043The Eye Of The CrimeMallets Stem2:12
  • 044The Eye Of The CrimePizzicato Strings Stem2:12
  • 045The Eye Of The CrimeBass Drum Stem2:12
  • 046The Eye Of The CrimeTriangle Stem2:12
  • 047The Eye Of The CrimeShakers Stem2:12
  • 048The Eye Of The CrimeFX Rev Hat Stem2:12
  • 049The Eye Of The CrimeCongas Stem2:12
  • 050New ChallengeFull Mix2:22
  • 051New ChallengeAlt Mix No Lead2:22
  • 052New Challenge15secs0:15
  • 053New Challenge30secs0:30
  • 054New Challenge60secs1:00
  • 055New ChallengeSpiccato Strings Stem2:22
  • 056New ChallengePizzicato Strings Stem2:22
  • 057New ChallengePercussion1 Stem2:22
  • 058New ChallengeMallets Stem2:22
  • 059New ChallengeBass Strings Stem2:22
  • 060New ChallengeDrums Stem2:22
  • 061New ChallengeFX Stem2:22
  • 062Find My UmbrellaFull Mix2:08
  • 063Find My UmbrellaAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 064Find My Umbrella15 secs0:15
  • 065Find My Umbrella30 secs0:30
  • 066Find My Umbrella60 secs1:00
  • 067Find My UmbrellaPizz Strings Stem2:08
  • 068Find My UmbrellaClarinet Stem2:08
  • 069Find My UmbrellaMallets Stem2:08
  • 070Find My UmbrellaBass String Stem2:08
  • 071Find My UmbrellaFX Stem2:08
  • 072Find My UmbrellaDrums Stem2:08
  • 073Find My UmbrellaPercussion Stem2:08
  • 074Up To SomethingFull Mix2:03
  • 075Up To SomethingAlt Mix No Lead2:03
  • 076Up To Something15 secs0:15
  • 077Up To Something30 secs0:30
  • 078Up To Something60 secs1:00
  • 079Up To SomethingClarinet Stem2:03
  • 080Up To SomethingCongas Stem2:03
  • 081Up To SomethingCrash Stem2:03
  • 082Up To SomethingMallets Stem2:03
  • 083Up To SomethingPizzicato Strings Stem2:03
  • 084Up To SomethingSynth Stem2:03
  • 085Up To SomethingViolins Sus Stem2:03
  • 086Up To SomethingTimpani Stem2:03
  • 087Up To SomethingPercussion Stem2:03
  • 088Up To SomethingKick Stem2:03




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