Indie R&B Soul

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Indie R&B Soul SSM0133

These laid-back, soulful and inspiring R&B tracks feature smooth synths and keys as well as tight drum grooves and funky basslines to create a chill and refreshing vibe.

Space & Sound Music SSM0133

  • 001StayFull Mix2:07
  • 002StayAlt Mix No Leads2:07
  • 003Stay60sec1:00
  • 004Stay30sec0:30
  • 005Stay15sec0:15
  • 006StayLeads Stem2:07
  • 007StayKeys Stem2:07
  • 008StayBass Stem2:07
  • 009StayPercussion Stem2:07
  • 010StayFX Stem2:07
  • 011StayDrums Stem2:07
  • 012Neo SoulFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)2:19
  • 013DREAMGIRLFull Mix2:18
  • 014DREAMGIRLAlt Mix No Lead2:18
  • 015DREAMGIRL60sec1:00
  • 016DREAMGIRL30sec0:30
  • 017DREAMGIRL15sec0:15
  • 018DREAMGIRLLead Stem2:18
  • 019DREAMGIRLKeys Stem2:18
  • 020DREAMGIRLGuitar Stem2:18
  • 021DREAMGIRLBass Stem2:18
  • 022DREAMGIRLDrums Stem2:18
  • 023DREAMGIRLPercussion Stem2:18
  • 024DREAMGIRLFX Stem2:18
  • 025GoneFull Mix2:01
  • 026GoneAlt Mix No Vox Lead2:01
  • 027Gone60sec1:00
  • 028Gone30sec0:30
  • 029Gone15sec0:15
  • 030GoneVox Stem2:01
  • 031GoneRhodes Stem2:01
  • 032GoneStrings Stem2:01
  • 033GoneHorns Stem2:01
  • 034GoneBass Stem2:01
  • 035GoneDrums Stem2:01
  • 036Smoke and MirrorsFull Mix2:02
  • 037Smoke and Mirrors60sec1:00
  • 038Smoke and Mirrors30sec0:30
  • 039Smoke and Mirrors15sec0:15
  • 040Smoke and MirrorsAlt Mix No Lead2:02
  • 041Smoke and MirrorsLead Stems2:02
  • 042Smoke and MirrorsKeys Stems2:02
  • 043Smoke and MirrorsBass Stems2:02
  • 044Smoke and MirrorsDrums Stems2:02
  • 045Smoke and MirrorsFX Stems2:02
  • 046Back StreetsFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:07




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