Apocalyptic Tension

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Apocalyptic Tension SSM0131

Dark, dystopian, and ominous, this collection of electronic tracks feature edgy synths, heart-pounding percussion, and distant eerie textures to create an uneasy atmosphere.

Space & Sound Music SSM0131

  • 001Border TerritoriesFull Mix1:31
  • 002Border TerritoriesAlt Mix Just DronesSynths1:34
  • 003Border TerritoriesAlt Mix No Bass1:34
  • 004Border TerritoriesAlt Mix Just Bass1:34
  • 005Border TerritoriesAlt Mix Just Drums1:31
  • 006Hidden AgendaFull Mix1:46
  • 007Hidden AgendaAlt Mix Just Synhts and Drones1:46
  • 008Hidden AgendaAlt Mix Just Drums and Perc1:46
  • 009Hidden AgendaAlt Mix Just Bass1:46
  • 010Digital StatesFull Mix1:38
  • 011Digital StatesAlt Mix Synth Only1:38
  • 012Digital StatesAlt Mix No Perc1:38
  • 013Hollow FieldsFull Mix1:53
  • 014Hollow FieldsAlt Mix No Perc1:53
  • 015Hollow FieldsAlt Mix No Piano1:53
  • 016A Taste Of TruthFull Mix0:54
  • 017A Taste Of TruthAlt Mix Just DronesSynths1:37
  • 018A Taste Of TruthAlt Mix Just Bass1:37
  • 019A Taste Of TruthAlt Mix Just Drums1:37
  • 020Charging UpFull Mix1:37
  • 021Charging UpAlt Mix Synth Only1:47
  • 022Charging UpAlt Mix No Perc1:47
  • 023Danger AheadFull Mix1:47
  • 024Danger AheadAlt Mix Just DronesSynths0:58
  • 025Danger AheadAlt Mix Just Bass0:58
  • 026Danger AheadAlt Mix Just Drums0:58
  • 027DeceptionsFull Mix0:58
  • 028DeceptionsAlt Mix No Lead1:48
  • 029DeceptionsAlt Mix Synth Only1:48
  • 030DeceptionsAlt Mix No Perc1:48
  • 031Double AgentFull Mix1:48
  • 032Double AgentAlt Mix Just DronesSynths1:45
  • 033Double AgentAlt Mix Just Bass1:45
  • 034Double AgentAlt Mix Just Drums1:45
  • 035Edge Of GloryFull Mix1:45
  • 036Edge Of GloryAlt Mix Just Synths and Drones1:46
  • 037Edge Of GloryAlt Mix Just Bass1:46
  • 038Edge Of GloryAlt Mix Just Drums and Perc1:46
  • 039Halcyon NightsFull Mix1:46
  • 040Halcyon NightsAlt Mix Synth Only1:53
  • 041Halcyon NightsAlt Mix No Lead1:53
  • 042Halcyon NightsAlt Mix No Perc1:53
  • 043Last ResortFull Mix0:55
  • 044Last ResortAlt Mix Just DronesSynths0:55
  • 045Last ResortAlt Mix Just Bass0:55
  • 046Last ResortAlt Mix Just Drums0:55
  • 047Left BehindFull Mix0:54
  • 048Left BehindAlt Mix Just DronesSynths0:54
  • 049Left BehindAlt Mix Just Bass0:54
  • 050Left BehindAlt Mix Just Drums0:54
  • 051Out For ThrillFull Mix0:55
  • 052Out For ThrillAlt Mix Just DronesSynths0:55
  • 053Out For ThrillAlt Mix Just Bass0:55
  • 054Out For ThrillAlt Mix Just Drums0:55
  • 055Pulsing Toward OblivionFull Mix1:33
  • 056Pulsing Toward OblivionAlt Mix Minimal1:33
  • 057Pulsing Toward OblivionAlt Mix No Perc1:33
  • 058Street Of MadnessFull Mix1:45
  • 059Street Of MadnessAlt Mix Just Synths and Drones1:45
  • 060Street Of MadnessAlt Mix Just Bass1:45
  • 061Street Of MadnessAlt Mix Just Drums and Perc1:45
  • 062Truth And ThreatFull Mix1:31
  • 063Truth And ThreatAlt Mix Just Bass1:31
  • 064Truth And ThreatAlt Mix Just DronesSynths1:31
  • 065Truth And ThreatAlt Mix Just Drums1:31
  • 066Zero Sum GameFull Mix1:46
  • 067Zero Sum GameAlt Mix Just Synth and Drones1:46
  • 068Zero Sum GameAlt Mix Just Bass1:46
  • 069Zero Sum GameAlt Mix Just Drums and Perc1:46




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