Make It Fun

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Make It Fun SSM0122

Happy, positive, and upbeat, this collection of carefree tracks feature cool reggae-style tracks, playful jazzy tracks, and all-around fun atmospheres to get you having a good time!

Space & Sound Music SSM0122

  • 001El Nino SSMFull Mix3:28
  • 002Mondo Bondo SSMFull Mix2:10
  • 003Sneaky SSMFull Mix3:22
  • 004Fanfaire SSMFull Mix3:20
  • 005On The Prowl SSMFull Mix4:00
  • 006Magnificent 4 SSMFull Mix3:26
  • 007Spaghetti Twist SSMFull Mix0:29
  • 008Spaghetti Twist SSMAlt Mix Sax Sus1:36
  • 009Spaghetti Twist SSMAlt Mix No Sax Sus1:36
  • 010Spaghetti Twist SSMAlt Mix Sax Button1:36
  • 011Spaghetti Twist SSMAlt Mix No Sax Button1:36
  • 012Vigoda SSMFull Mix2:15
  • 013Jumpin Bones Fast Slow SSMFull Mix3:22
  • 014Jumpin Bones SSMFull Mix3:54
  • 015Arctic Cha Long SSMFull Mix1:28
  • 016Arctic Cha Short SSMAlt Mix Short1:26
  • 017Bombaskaroid SSMFull Mix3:55
  • 018Bombaskaroid SSMAlt Mix Rhythm Bed3:55
  • 019Desi's Ska Cha Cha SSMFull Mix3:21
  • 020Its A Wild Reggae SSMFull Mix4:01
  • 021Its A Wild ReggaeAlt Mix Instrumental4:01
  • 022Jalapeno Nino SSMFull Mix3:45
  • 023Jalepeno Nino SSMAlt Mix3:51
  • 024Jalepeno Nino SSMAlt Mix Rhythm Bed Alternate3:51
  • 025Minor Pressure SSMFull Mix5:20
  • 026Minor Pressure SSMAlt Mix Alternate Guitar5:28
  • 027Minor Pressure SSMAlt Mix Rhythm Bed Alternate5:28
  • 028Reggaerettable SSMFull Mix4:33
  • 029Reggaerettable SSMAlt Mix Alternate Guitar4:42
  • 030Reggaerettable SSMAlt Mix Rhythm Bed Alternate4:42
  • 031Skarknado SSMFull Mix4:02
  • 032Sharknado SSMAlt Mix Rhythm Bed Alternate4:08
  • 033Sharknado SSMAlt Mix Alternate Guitar4:08
  • 034Shake And Bake SSMFull Mix1:29
  • 035Slicked Back SSMFull Mix1:31
  • 036Sloppy Shopping SSMFull Mix2:26
  • 037Toreador Ska SSMFull Mix5:12
  • 038Toreador Ska SSMAlt Mix Rhythm Bed5:12
  • 039History SSMFull Mix2:51




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