Looking For Clues

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Looking For Clues SSM0120

Eerie, looming, and unsettling, this collection of mysterious tracks feature dark synths, industrial drums, and moody atmospheres to keep you guessing and always searching for clues.

Space & Sound Music SSM0120

  • 001Polluted ocean SSMFull Mix1:49
  • 002Polluted ocean SSMAlt Mix Synth1:49
  • 003Polluted ocean SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:49
  • 004Polluted ocean SSMAlt Mix Loop1:49
  • 005Polluted ocean SSMAlt Mix Fx1:49
  • 006Polluted ocean SSMAlt Mix Bass1:49
  • 007Tiny Tiny Clues SSMFull Mix1:30
  • 008Tiny Tiny Clues SSMAlt Mix Perc1:30
  • 009Tiny Tiny Clues SSMAlt Mix Lead1:30
  • 010Tiny Tiny Clues SSMAlt Mix Fx1:30
  • 011Tiny Tiny Clues SSMAlt Mix Bass1:30
  • 012The Virus SSMFull Mix1:37
  • 013The Virus SSMAlt Mix Pulse21:37
  • 014The Virus SSMAlt Mix Pulse11:37
  • 015The Virus SSMAlt Mix Perc1:37
  • 016The Virus SSMAlt Mix Drone1:37
  • 017Melancholica SSMFull Mix1:58
  • 018Melancholica SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:58
  • 019Melancholica SSMAlt Mix Piano1:58
  • 020Melancholica SSMAlt Mix Drums21:58
  • 021Melancholica SSMAlt Mix Drums11:58
  • 022Melancholica SSMAlt Mix Drone1:58
  • 023Melancholica SSMAlt Mix Bass1:58
  • 024Increasing numbers SSMFull Mix1:37
  • 025Increasing numbers SSMAlt Mix Fx1:37
  • 026Increasing numbers SSMAlt Mix Pluck1:37
  • 027Increasing numbers SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:37
  • 028Increasing numbers SSMAlt Mix Spicc1:37
  • 029Increasing numbers SSMAlt Mix Synth1:37
  • 030Industrial breakdown SSMFull Mix1:47
  • 031Industrial breakdown SSMAlt Mix Fx1:47
  • 032Industrial breakdown SSMAlt Mix Pad1:47
  • 033Industrial breakdown SSMAlt Mix Perc1:47
  • 034Industrial breakdown SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:47
  • 035Industrial breakdown SSMAlt Mix Synth1:47
  • 036Last chance SSMFull Mix1:44
  • 037Last chance SSMAlt MixS Drone11:44
  • 038Last chance SSMAlt MixS Drone21:44
  • 039Last chance SSMAlt MixS Fx1:44
  • 040Last chance SSMAlt MixS Perc1:44
  • 041Magma Drone SSMFull Mix1:26
  • 042Magma Drone SSMAlt Mix Arp1:26
  • 043Magma Drone SSMAlt Mix Drones1:26
  • 044Magma Drone SSMAlt Mix Lead1:26
  • 045Magma Drone SSMAlt Mix Perc1:26
  • 046Magma Drone SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:26
  • 047Mass destruction SSMFull Mix1:44
  • 048Mass destruction SSMAlt Mix Fx1:44
  • 049Mass destruction SSMAlt Mix Hat1:44
  • 050Mass destruction SSMAlt Mix Lead11:44
  • 051Mass destruction SSMAlt Mix Lead21:44
  • 052Mass destruction SSMAlt Mix Perc1:44
  • 053Mass destruction SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:44
  • 054No body found SSMFull Mix1:31
  • 055No body found SSMAlt Mix Drone11:31
  • 056No body found SSMAlt Mix Drone21:31
  • 057No body found SSMAlt Mix Lead1:31
  • 058No body found SSMAlt Mix Perc1:31
  • 059No body found SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:31
  • 060On the scene SSMFull Mix1:34
  • 061On the scene SSMAlt Mix Drone1:34
  • 062On the scene SSMAlt Mix Echo1:34
  • 063On the scene SSMAlt Mix Fx1:34
  • 064On the scene SSMAlt Mix Lead1:34
  • 065On the scene SSMAlt Mix Perc1:34
  • 066Terminal 8 SSMFull Mix1:28
  • 067Terminal 8 SSMAlt Mix Bass1:28
  • 068Terminal 8 SSMAlt Mix Pulse11:28
  • 069Terminal 8 SSMAlt Mix Pulse21:28
  • 070Terminal 8 SSMAlt Mix Synth1:28
  • 071The Quiet Inspector SSMFull Mix1:44
  • 072The Quiet Inspector SSMAlt Mix Lead1:44
  • 073The Quiet Inspector SSMAlt Mix Perc11:44
  • 074The Quiet Inspector SSMAlt Mix Perc21:44
  • 075The Quiet Inspector SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:44
  • 076The Shipyard SSMFull Mix1:31
  • 077The Shipyard SSMAlt Mix Lead1:31
  • 078The Shipyard SSMAlt Mix Perc1:31
  • 079The Shipyard SSMAlt Mix Pulse11:31
  • 080The Shipyard SSMAlt Mix Pulse21:31




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