Investigative Branch

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Investigative Branch SSM0119

Dark, mysterious, and gripping, this collection of investigative tracks feature gritty synths, industrial drums, and moody textures to create feelings of mystery.

Space & Sound Music SSM0119

  • 001The Black mission SSMFull Mix1:55
  • 002The Black mission SSMAlt Mix Percussion Loops2:15
  • 003The Black mission SSMAlt Mix Pulses2:15
  • 004The Black mission SSMAlt Mix Strings2:15
  • 005The Black mission SSMAlt Mix Drums1:55
  • 006The Black mission SSMAlt Mix Bass1:55
  • 007The Final Heist SSMFull Mix2:14
  • 008The Final Heist SSMAlt Mix Perc2:14
  • 009The Final Heist SSMAlt Mix Pad2:14
  • 010The Final Heist SSMAlt Mix Lead2:14
  • 011The Final Heist SSMAlt Mix DrumsFx2:14
  • 012The Extra Hours SSMFull Mix1:30
  • 013The Extra Hours SSMAlt Mix Synth1:30
  • 014The Extra Hours SSMAlt Mix Pulse1:30
  • 015The Extra Hours SSMAlt Mix Perc1:30
  • 016The Extra Hours SSMAlt Mix Pad1:30
  • 017Strands of DNA SSM SSMFull Mix2:16
  • 018Strands of DNA SSMAlt Mix Perc2:16
  • 019Strands of DNA SSMAlt Mix Pad2:16
  • 020Strands of DNAAlt Mix Lead2:16
  • 021Strands of DNA SSMAlt Mix Bass2:16
  • 022Insight SSMFull Mix3:04
  • 023Insight SSMAlt Mix PULSES3:04
  • 024Insight SSMAlt Mix PERCUSSION LOOPS3:04
  • 025Insight SSMAlt Mix PADS3:04
  • 026Insight SSMAlt Mix DRUMS_BIG HITS3:04
  • 027Die Burned SSMFULL MIX2:00
  • 028Die Burned SSMAlt Mix BASS2:00
  • 029Die Burned SSMAlt Mix DRONES2:00
  • 030Die Burned SSMAlt Mix DRUMS2:00
  • 031Die Burned SSMAlt Mix LEAD2:00
  • 032Die Burned SSMAlt Mix PERCUSSION2:00
  • 033Die Burned SSMAlt Mix PULSES2:00
  • 034Nearing The Crime SSMFull Mix2:15
  • 035Nearing The Crime SSMAlt Mix PADS2:15
  • 036Nearing The Crime SSMAlt Mix PERCUSSION HITS2:15
  • 037Nearing The Crime SSMAlt Mix PERCUSSION LOOPS1:55
  • 038Nearing The Crime SSMAlt Mix PULSES1:55
  • 039Nearing The Crime SSMAlt Mix STRINGS1:55
  • 040Nearing The Crime SSMAlt Mix SYNTHS2:15
  • 041Not Guilty SSMFULL MIX2:12
  • 042Not Guilty SSMAlt Mix PADS2:12
  • 043Not Guilty SSMAlt Mix PERCUSSION LOOPS2:12
  • 044Not Guilty SSMAlt Mix PULSES2:12
  • 045Not Guilty SSMAlt Mix STRINGS2:12
  • 046Percussive Craf SSMFULL MIX1:42
  • 047Percussive Craf SSMAlt Mix DRONES1:42
  • 048Percussive Craf SSMAlt Mix DRUMS1:42
  • 049Percussive Craf SSMAlt Mix PERCUSSION1:42
  • 050Suspicious Minds SSMFull Mix2:14
  • 051Suspicious Minds SSMAlt Mix Celli2:14
  • 052Suspicious Minds SSMAlt Mix Drums2:14
  • 053Suspicious Minds SSMAlt Mix Fx2:14
  • 054Suspicious Minds SSMAlt Mix Pad2:14
  • 055Suspicious Minds SSMAlt Mix Strings2:14
  • 056The Hunted SSMFull Mix2:07
  • 057The Hunted SSMAlt Mix Bass2:07
  • 058The Hunted SSMAlt Mix Fx2:07
  • 059The Hunted SSMAlt Mix Key2:07
  • 060The Hunted SSMAlt Mix Lead2:07
  • 061The Hunted SSMAlt Mix Perc2:07
  • 062The Missing Bullet SSMFull Mix2:01
  • 063The Missing Bullet SSMAlt Mix Bass2:01
  • 064The Missing Bullet SSMAlt Mix Fx2:01
  • 065The Missing Bullet SSMAlt Mix Lead2:01
  • 066The Missing Bullet SSMAlt Mix Perc2:01
  • 067The Primo Goods SSMFull Mix1:37
  • 068The Primo Goods SSMAlt Mix DRONES1:37
  • 069The Primo Goods SSMAlt Mix DRUMS1:37
  • 070The Primo Goods SSMAlt Mix PERCUSSION1:37
  • 071The Primo Goods SSMAlt Mix PULSES1:37
  • 072Time Will Tell SSMFull Mix2:18
  • 073Time Will Tell SSMAlt Mix PADS2:18
  • 074Time Will Tell SSMAlt Mix PIANO2:18
  • 075Time Will Tell SSMAlt Mix PULSES2:18
  • 076Time Will Tell SSMAlt Mix STRING LEAD2:18
  • 077Time Will Tell SSMAlt Mix STRING RHYTHM2:18




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