Ethnic World

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Ethnic World SSM0116

Primal, intense, and high energy, this collection of drum tracks feature hypnotic drum patterns, wild percussion flourishes, and jungle atmospheres to make you run for your life.

Space & Sound Music SSM0116

  • 001Get MovingFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)1:48
  • 002African sunset SSMFull Mix1:33
  • 003African sunset SSMAlt Mix Bala1:33
  • 004African sunset SSMAlt Mix Fx1:33
  • 005African sunset SSMAlt Mix Pad1:33
  • 006African sunset SSMAlt Mix Perc1:33
  • 007Angklung SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:50
  • 008Around The World SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:53
  • 009Die Burned SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)1:58
  • 010Down South SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:45
  • 011Large Talking Drum SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:50
  • 012Oriental Dawn Drums SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)1:13
  • 013Reko Reko SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:56
  • 014Repenique & Dumbek SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:44
  • 015Slow Groove SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:51
  • 016South Indian Kanjira SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:55
  • 017Timbau SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:49
  • 018Turkish Frame Drum SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)0:50




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