Electronic Tension

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Electronic Tension SSM0115

Suspenseful, spacey, and moody, this collection of tension-building tracks feature anxious arpeggios, digital drums, and hi-tech textures to create a dystopian atmosphere.

Space & Sound Music SSM0115

  • 001The Cloisters SSMFull Mix1:34
  • 002The Cloisters SSMAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:33
  • 003The Cloisters SSMAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:33
  • 004The Cloisters SSMAlt Mix No Lead1:31
  • 005About to Burst SSMFull Mix2:55
  • 006About to Burst SSMAlt Mix No Aux High Synths2:55
  • 007About to Burst SSMAlt Mix Body Synths, Efx and Shakers2:55
  • 008About to Burst SSMAlt Mix Body Synths, Efx2:55
  • 009About to Burst SSMAlt Mix No Bass No Shakers2:55
  • 010About to Burst SSMAlt Mix No Bass Synth2:55
  • 011About to Burst SSMAlt Mix No Keyboards2:55
  • 012About to Burst SSMAlt Mix No Main Synths2:55
  • 013Chasing Consciousness SSMFull Mix2:40
  • 014Chasing Consciousness SSMAlt Mix No Percussion No Lead Melody2:40
  • 015Chasing Consciousness SSMAlt Mix No Percussion2:40
  • 016Chasing Consciousness SSMAlt Mix No Piano2:40
  • 017Chasing Consciousness SSMAlt Mix Synths & End Risers No Melody2:40
  • 018Chasing Consciousness SSMAlt Mix Synths Only No Melody2:40
  • 019Incendiary SSMFull Mix2:11
  • 020Incendiary SSMAlt Mix No Opening Synth2:11
  • 021Incendiary SSMAlt Mix No Percussion2:11
  • 022Incendiary SSMAlt Mix No Strings2:11
  • 023Technical Curiosity SSMFull Mix2:17
  • 024Technical Curiosity SSMAlt Mix Mid Synths Only2:18
  • 025Technical Curiosity SSMAlt Mix No Distort Synth2:18
  • 026Technical Curiosity SSMAlt Mix No Drums2:18
  • 027Technical Curiosity SSMAlt Mix No Hi Synths No Mellotron2:18
  • 028Technical Curiosity SSMAlt Mix No Hi Synths2:18
  • 029Lost Treasure SSMFull Mix2:24
  • 030Lost Treasure SSMAlt Mix No Lead2:17
  • 031Lost Treasure SSMAlt Mix Percussion and Bass2:16
  • 032Lost Treasure SSMAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:12




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