Electro Tension

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Electro Tension SSM0113

A digital nightmare, this collection of dark tension-building tracks feature gritty synth arpeggios and bone-chilling atmospheres to create a sense of unease and never leave you settled.

Space & Sound Music SSM0113

  • 001Inside The Neural Net SSMFull Mix1:43
  • 002Inside The Neural Net SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed1:43
  • 003Inside The Neural Net SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem1:43
  • 004Skywave SSMFull Mix1:44
  • 005Skywave SSMAlt Mix_Alt Mix Rhythmic Bed1:44
  • 006Skywave SSMAlt Mix_Alt Mix Melodic Stem1:44
  • 007Antenna SSMFull Mix1:40
  • 008Antenna SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed1:40
  • 009Antenna SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem1:40
  • 01013th Floor SSMFull Mix1:47
  • 01113th Floor SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem1:47
  • 01213th Floor SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed1:47
  • 013Check Again SSMFull Mix1:42
  • 014Check Again SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem1:42
  • 015Check Again SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed1:42
  • 016Footsteps SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)1:54
  • 017Hallways SSMFull Mix2:31
  • 018Hallways SSMAlt Mix Melodic Bed2:31
  • 019Hallways SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed2:31
  • 020Home Invasion SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)1:48
  • 021Into The Ring SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)1:16
  • 022Into The Woods SSMFull Mix2:55
  • 023Into The Woods SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem2:55
  • 024Into The Woods SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed2:55
  • 025Its Spreading SSMFull Mix2:08
  • 026Its Spreading SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem2:08
  • 027Its Spreading SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Elements2:08
  • 028Missing SSMFull Mix2:14
  • 029Missing SSMAlt Mix Melodic Elements2:14
  • 030Missing SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed2:14
  • 031The Coming Storm SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)2:07
  • 032The Endless Lake SSMFull Mix1:59
  • 033The Endless Lake SSMAlt Mix Basic Stem1:59
  • 034The Endless Lake SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem1:59
  • 035The Realization SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)2:12
  • 036The Art Of Discovery SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)2:05
  • 037Tracking Shadows SSMFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)2:11
  • 038Used A Wooden Spoon SSMFull Mix1:46
  • 039Used A Wooden Spoon SSMAlt Mix Melodic Stem1:46
  • 040Used A Wooden Spoon SSMAlt Mix Rhythmic Bed1:46




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