Dead Heart Bloom

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Dead Heart Bloom SSM0109

Electric, driving, and exciting are three words these tracks do not lack. These explosive Indie Rock tracks feature big anthemic guitar riffs, busy basslines, bombastic drums, and fun catchy vocals that make you want to get up and move!

Space & Sound Music SSM0109

  • 001Montreal SSMFull Mix3:22
  • 002Soldier SSMFull Mix3:34
  • 003New Messiah SSMFull Mix3:11
  • 004Gather Up SSMFull Mix3:06
  • 005White Lies SSMFull Mix3:08
  • 006Motion SSMFull Mix3:25
  • 007Run Like Spies SSMFull Mix3:57
  • 008A Place To Understand SSMFull Mix3:25
  • 009Come Back SSMFull Mix4:44
  • 010Got Time SSMFull Mix3:46
  • 011Im Going to Go Meet Jesus SSMFull Mix3:21
  • 012Ways to Go SSMFull Mix3:29
  • 013We Made It SSMFull Mix3:56




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