Pressure Cooker

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Pressure Cooker SSM0105

High intensity orchestral hybrid tracks that provide spectacular underscores for tense moments, while using full orchestral sounds to achieve dramatic textures.

Space & Sound Music SSM0105

  • 001Meal Of Fortune SSMFull Mix1:29
  • 002Meal Of Fortune SSMStem Strings Sus1:29
  • 003Meal Of Fortune SSMStem Strings Spicc1:29
  • 004Meal Of Fortune SSMStem Pulse1:29
  • 005Meal Of Fortune SSMStem Perc1:29
  • 006Meal Of Fortune SSMStem Fx1:29
  • 007Deep Fried Mind SSMFull Mix1:42
  • 008Deep Fried Mind SSMStem Swell1:42
  • 009Deep Fried Mind SSMStem Strings Spicc1:42
  • 010Deep Fried Mind SSMStem Pulse1:42
  • 011Deep Fried Mind SSMStem Perc1:42
  • 012Deep Fried Mind SSMStem Lo String1:42
  • 013Deep Fried Mind SSMStem Fx1:42
  • 014Number 5 SSMFull Mix1:20
  • 015Number 5 SSMStem Sub1:20
  • 016Number 5 SSMStem Strings Spicc1:20
  • 017Number 5 SSMStem Strings Perc Lo1:20
  • 018Number 5 SSMStem Strings Perc Hi1:20
  • 019Number 5 SSMStem Strings Lo1:20
  • 020Number 5 SSMStem Strings Cymbals1:20
  • 021Clockwork Apple SSMFull Mix1:38
  • 022Clockwork Apple SSMStem Strings Sus1:38
  • 023Clockwork Apple SSMStem Spicc1:38
  • 024Clockwork Apple SSMStem Pulse1:38
  • 025Clockwork Apple SSMStem Perc1:38
  • 026Boiling Point SSMFull Mix1:37
  • 027Boiling Point SSMStem Brass1:37
  • 028Boiling Point SSMStem Fx1:37
  • 029Boiling Point SSMStem Perc1:37
  • 030Boiling Point SSMStem String Sus1:37
  • 031Boiling Point SSMStem Strings Lo Spicc1:37
  • 032Boiling Point SSMStem Strings Spicc1:37
  • 033Chef's On Fire SSMFull Mix1:34
  • 034Chef's On Fire SSMStem Bass1:34
  • 035Chef's On Fire SSMStem Brass1:34
  • 036Chef's On Fire SSMStem Fx1:34
  • 037Chef's On Fire SSMStem Perc1:34
  • 038Chef's On Fire SSMStem Pulse1:34
  • 039Chef's On Fire SSMStem Strings1:34
  • 040Don't Mention The Tension SSMFull Mix1:34
  • 041Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Bass1:34
  • 042Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Brass1:34
  • 043Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Cymbals1:34
  • 044Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Drums1:34
  • 045Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Fx1:34
  • 046Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Pulse1:34
  • 047Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Strings spicc1:34
  • 048Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Strings sus1:34
  • 049Don't Mention The Tension SSMStem Synth1:34
  • 050I Am Number One SSMFull Mix1:02
  • 051I Am Number One SSMStem Fx1:02
  • 052I Am Number One SSMStem Noice Hat1:02
  • 053I Am Number One SSMStem Perc1:02
  • 054I Am Number One SSMStem Piano1:02
  • 055I Am Number One SSMStem Pulse1:02
  • 056I Am Number One SSMStem Strings1:02
  • 057Soon, Soon, Soon SSMFull Mix1:07
  • 058Soon, Soon, Soon SSMStem Pads1:07
  • 059Soon, Soon, Soon SSMStem Perc21:07
  • 060Soon, Soon, Soon SSMStem Perc1:07
  • 061Soon, Soon, Soon SSMStem Pulse1:07
  • 062Soon, Soon, Soon SSMStem Strings Lead1:07
  • 063Soon, Soon, Soon SSMStem Tromb1:07
  • 064Starting Line SSMFull Mix1:19
  • 065Starting Line SSMStem Cymbal1:19
  • 066Starting Line SSMStem Fx1:19
  • 067Starting Line SSMStem Perc1:19
  • 068Starting Line SSMStem Pulse1:19
  • 069Starting Line SSMStem Strings Spicc1:19
  • 070Starting Line SSMStem Strings Sus1:19
  • 071The Perfect Ingredients SSMFull Mix1:36
  • 072The Perfect Ingredients SSMStem Marimba1:36
  • 073The Perfect Ingredients SSMStem Perc1:36
  • 074The Perfect Ingredients SSMStem Pulse1:36
  • 075The Perfect Ingredients SSMStem Spicc1:36
  • 076This Is What We Want SSMFull Mix1:10
  • 077This Is What We Want SSMStem Aux Strings1:10
  • 078This Is What We Want SSMStem Perc1:10
  • 079This Is What We Want SSMStem Pulse_Fx1:10
  • 080This Is What We Want SSMStem Strings1:10
  • 081This Is What We Want SSMStem Tick Tock1:10
  • 082Turn Up The Heat SSMFull Mix1:30
  • 083Turn Up The Heat SSMAlt Verson (Pizz Version))1:30
  • 084Turn Up The Heat SSMStem Fx1:30
  • 085Turn Up The Heat SSMStem Perc21:30
  • 086Turn Up The Heat SSMStem Perc1:30
  • 087Turn Up The Heat SSMStem Rhythm1:30
  • 088Turn Up The Heat SSMStem Strings Alt11:30
  • 089Turn Up The Heat SSMStem Strings Alt21:30




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