Quirky Dramedy

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Quirky Dramedy SSM0103

Fun, quirky, and curious these light-hearted tracks feature light pizzicato strings perfect for Reality TV.

Space & Sound Music SSM0103

  • 001Bumbling Bozos SSMFull Mix1:42
  • 002Bumbling Bozos SSMNo Percussion1:42
  • 003Bumbling Bozos SSMNo Lead1:42
  • 004Beef encounter SSMFull Mix1:08
  • 005Beef encounter SSMHihat1:08
  • 006Beef encounter SSMMarimba1:08
  • 007Beef encounter SSMPercussion1:08
  • 008Beef encounter SSMPizzicato1:08
  • 009Walk of Shame SSMFull Mix1:09
  • 010Walk of Shame SSMNo Percussion1:09
  • 011Fun Sneakin Around SSMFull Mix0:47
  • 012Last Second Smack Talk SSMFull Mix1:32
  • 013Last Second Smack Talk SSMNo Percussion1:32
  • 014Last Second Smack Talk SSMNo Lead1:32
  • 015Hidden Eyeballs SSMFull Mix1:52
  • 016Hidden Eyeballs SSMNo Percussion1:52
  • 017Hidden Eyeballs SSMNo Woodwinds1:52
  • 018Just Hearsay SSMFull Mix1:53
  • 019Just Hearsay SSMNo Lead1:54
  • 020Just Hearsay SSMNo Percussion1:54
  • 021Keeping Up With the Neighbors SSMFull Mix1:24
  • 022Keeping Up With the Neighbors SSMBed Mix1:26
  • 023Keeping Up With the Neighbors SSMNo Percussion1:26
  • 024Spring Cleaning SSMFull Mix1:05
  • 025Spring Cleaning SSMNo Percussion1:05
  • 026Fun Undercover SSMFull Mix0:38




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