Mouse Trap

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Mouse Trap SSM0090

Mouse Trap is a fresh collection of Trap/Hip Hop Instrumental beats, great for Reality TV, Sports, Commercials, Documentaries

Space & Sound Music SSM0090

  • 001Justice Is DarkFull Mix1:27
  • 002Justice Is DarkAlt Mix No Lead1:27
  • 003Justice Is DarkAlt Mix Bed Track1:27
  • 004Justice Is DarkAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:27
  • 005Glitz and GarbageFull Mix1:35
  • 006Glitz and GarbageAlt Mix No Lead1:35
  • 007Glitz and GarbageAlt Mix Bed Track1:35
  • 008Glitz and GarbageAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:35
  • 009Broken Hearts ClubFull Mix1:25
  • 010Broken Hearts ClubAlt Mix No Lead1:25
  • 011Broken Hearts ClubAlt Mix Bed Track1:25
  • 012Broken Hearts ClubAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:25
  • 013Feels WeightlessFull Mix1:32
  • 014Feels WeightlessAlt Mix No Lead1:32
  • 015Feels WeightlessAlt Mix Bed Track1:32
  • 016Feels WeightlessAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:32
  • 017Trying TimesFull Mix1:40
  • 018Trying TimesAlt Mix No Lead1:40
  • 019Trying TimesAlt Mix Bed Track1:40
  • 020Trying TimesAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:40
  • 021Hustle For LifeFull Mix1:33
  • 022Hustle For LifeAlt Mix No Lead1:33
  • 023Hustle For LifeAlt Mix Bed Track1:33
  • 024Hustle For LifeAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:33
  • 025Love It and Leave ItFull Mix1:25
  • 026Love It and Leave ItAlt Mix No Lead1:25
  • 027Love It and Leave ItAlt Mix Bed Track1:25
  • 028Love It and Leave ItAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:25
  • 029Macho ClassFull Mix1:44
  • 030Macho ClassAlt Mix No Lead1:44
  • 031Macho ClassAlt Mix Bed Track1:44
  • 032Macho ClassAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:44
  • 033New EndingsFull Mix1:42
  • 034New EndingsAlt Mix No Lead1:42
  • 035New EndingsAlt Mix Bed Track1:42
  • 036New EndingsAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:42
  • 037Trippin OutFull Mix1:34
  • 038Trippin OutAlt Mix No Lead1:34
  • 039Trippin OutAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:34
  • 040Trippin OutAlt Mix Bed Track1:34
  • 041Sympathy PloyFull Mix1:36
  • 042Sympathy PloyAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 043Sympathy PloyAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:36
  • 044Sympathy PloyAlt Mix Bed Track1:36
  • 045Came to PlayFull Mix1:20
  • 046Came to PlayAlt Mix No Lead1:20
  • 047Came to PlayAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:20
  • 048Came to PlayAlt Mix Bed Track1:20




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