Retro Soul

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Retro Soul SSM0084

Retro Soul is the real deal! NO SAMPLES here, real horn section played by the New Old School Horns from Nashville. Stiring up the sweet sounding Soul feel of the past mixed with the sound of todays Soul Revival

Space & Sound Music SSM0084

  • 001Take It To ChurchFull Mix2:56
  • 002Take It To ChurchAlt Mix NO HORNS2:56
  • 003Take It To ChurchAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION, BASS GUITAR2:56
  • 004Take It To ChurchAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION BASS2:56
  • 005On The Down LowFull Mix2:10
  • 006On The Down LowAlt Mix NO HORNS2:10
  • 007On The Down LowAlt Mix DRUMS PERCUSSION2:10
  • 008On The Down LowAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION, BASS GUITAR2:10
  • 009On The Down LowAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION BASS2:10
  • 010Street VibesFull Mix2:21
  • 011Street VibesAlt Mix NO HORNS2:21
  • 012Street VibesAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION, BASS GUITAR2:21
  • 013Street VibesAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION BASS2:21
  • 014Steady GrooveFull Mix2:19
  • 015Steady GrooveAlt Mix NO HORNS2:19
  • 016Steady GrooveAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION, BASS GUITAR2:18
  • 017Steady GrooveAlt Mix DRUMS, PERCUSSION BASS2:19
  • 018All Eyes On YouFull Mix2:04
  • 019All Eyes On You60 sec1:00
  • 020All Eyes On You30 sec0:29
  • 021All Eyes On You15 sec0:14
  • 022All Eyes On YouCLAVINET ONLY Stem2:04
  • 023All Eyes On YouHAMMOND ORGAN ONLY Stem2:04
  • 024All Eyes On YouLEAD GUITAR ONLY Stem2:04
  • 025All Eyes On YouRHYTHM GUITAR ONLY Stem2:04
  • 026All Eyes On YouWURLITZER PIANO ONLY Stem2:04
  • 027All Eyes On YouBASS ONLY Stem2:04
  • 028All Eyes On YouDRUMS PERC ONLY Stem2:04
  • 029Flower HaloFull MIx2:02
  • 030Flower Halo60 sec1:00
  • 031Flower Halo30 sec0:30
  • 032Flower Halo15sec0:15
  • 033Flower HaloLEAD GUITAR ONLY Stem2:02
  • 034Flower HaloCLAVINET ONLY Stem2:02
  • 035Flower HaloHAMMOND ORGAN ONLY Stem2:02
  • 036Flower HaloRHYTHM GUITAR Stem2:02
  • 037Flower HaloSOLO GUITAR ONLY Stem2:02
  • 038Flower HaloBASS ONLY Stem2:02
  • 039Flower HaloDRUMS Stem2:02
  • 040Uptown ShakeFull Mix2:10
  • 041Uptown Shake60sec1:00
  • 042Uptown Shake30sec0:30
  • 043Uptown Shake15sec0:15
  • 044Uptown ShakeKeyboards Stem2:10
  • 045Uptown ShakeGuitars Stem2:10
  • 046Uptown ShakeBass Stem2:10
  • 047Uptown ShakePercussion Stem2:10
  • 048Uptown ShakeDrums Stem2:10
  • 049Tough TalkingFull Mix2:30
  • 050Tough Talking60sec1:00
  • 051Tough Talking30sec0:30
  • 052Tough Talking15sec0:15
  • 053Tough TalkingGuitars Stem2:30
  • 054Tough TalkingKeyboards Stem2:30
  • 055Tough TalkingPercussion Stem2:30
  • 056Tough TalkingBass Stem2:30
  • 057Tough TalkingDrums Stem2:30
  • 058Voodoo SoulFull MIx2:11
  • 059Voodoo Soul60 sec1:00
  • 060Voodoo Soul30 sec0:29
  • 061Voodoo Soul15 sec0:14
  • 062Voodoo SoulCLAVINET ONLY Stem2:11
  • 063Voodoo SoulHAMMOND ORGAN Stem2:11
  • 064Voodoo SoulLEAD GUITAR Stem2:11
  • 065Voodoo SoulRHYTHM GUITAR Stem2:11
  • 066Voodoo SoulWURLITZER PIANO Stem2:11
  • 067Voodoo SoulBASS Stem2:11
  • 068Voodoo SoulDRUMS Stem2:11
  • 069Up For AnythingFull Mix1:58
  • 070Up For Anything60 sec1:02
  • 071Up For Anything30 sec0:30
  • 072Up For Anything15 sec0:16
  • 073Up For AnythingKeys Stem2:00
  • 074Up For AnythingGuitar Stem2:00
  • 075Up For AnythingBass Stem2:00
  • 076Up For AnythingDrum Stem2:00




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