Destined For Greatness Action Adventure

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Destined For Greatness Action Adventure SSM0083

Gripping, inspiring, and triumphant, this collection of orchestral tracks feature soaring strings, powerful percussion, and intense horns to create a victorious atmosphere.

Space & Sound Music SSM0083

  • 001From the Elysian FieldsFull Mix3:58
  • 002From the Elysian FieldsAlt Full Mix Minus Choir3:58
  • 003From the Elysian FieldsAlt Mix Drums, Guitars and Synths3:58
  • 004From the Elysian FieldsAlt Mix No Drums and Percussion3:58
  • 005From the Elysian FieldsAlt Mix Drums and Percussion3:58
  • 006Return from the BattleFull Mix3:36
  • 007Return from the BattleAlt Mix No Choir3:36
  • 008Return from the BattleAlt Mix Drums, Percussion and Synths3:36
  • 009Return from the BattleAlt Mix Guitar, EFX and Bass3:36
  • 010Return from the BattleAlt Mix No Drums and Percussion3:36
  • 011Return from the BattleAlt Mix Strings, Brass and Choir3:36
  • 012Return from the BattleAlt Mix Drums and Percussion3:36
  • 013The SiegeFull Mix2:35
  • 014The SiegeAlt Mix Choir2:35
  • 015The SiegeAlt Mix Sub Bass2:35
  • 016The SiegeAlt Mix Strings2:35
  • 017The SiegeAlt Mix Sfx2:35
  • 018The SiegeAlt Mix Percussion2:35
  • 019The SiegeAlt Mix Pads2:35
  • 020The SiegeAlt Mix Brass2:35
  • 021Lift OffFull Mix2:49
  • 022Lift OffAlt Mix Bed Track No Choir and Vox2:49
  • 023Lift OffAlt Mix Choir and Vox Only2:49
  • 024Lift OffAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:49
  • 025Lift OffAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:49
  • 026A Hero Is BornFull Mix1:57
  • 027A Hero Is BornAlt Mix Bed Track No Choir1:57
  • 028A Hero Is BornAlt Mix Choir Only1:57
  • 029A Hero Is BornAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:57
  • 030A Hero Is BornAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:57
  • 031Tomorrow's WarFull Mix2:20
  • 032Tomorrow's WarAlt Mix Strings2:20
  • 033Tomorrow's WarAlt Mix Choir2:20
  • 034Tomorrow's WarAlt Mix Sub Bass2:20
  • 035Tomorrow's WarAlt Mix Brass2:20
  • 036Tomorrow's WarAlt Mix Piano and Pad2:20
  • 037Tomorrow's WarAlt Mix Sfx2:20
  • 038Tomorrow's WarAlt Mix Percussion2:20
  • 039A Hero AwakensFull Mix2:11
  • 040A Hero AwakensAlt Mix Strings2:11
  • 041A Hero AwakensAlt Mix No Lead2:11
  • 042A Hero AwakensAlt Mix No Perc2:11
  • 043WinnerFull Mix1:38
  • 044WinnerAlt Mix Orchestra Bed1:38
  • 045WinnerAlt Mix Brass Lead1:38
  • 046WinnerAlt Mix Percussion1:38
  • 047The Last BattleFull Mix2:04
  • 048The Last BattleAlt Mix Bed Track2:04
  • 049The Last BattleAlt Mix No Strings2:04
  • 050The Last BattleAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:04
  • 051True HeroFull Mix1:49
  • 052True HeroAlt Mix Bed Track1:49
  • 053True HeroAlt Mix Hybrid Orchestra Only1:49
  • 054True HeroAlt Mix No Orchestra1:49
  • 055True HeroAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:49
  • 056All Hail the KingFull Mix2:22
  • 057All Hail the KingAlt Mix Percussion2:22
  • 058All Hail the KingAlt Mix Orchestra Bed2:22
  • 059All Hail the KingAlt Mix Melody2:22
  • 060Glory BoundFull Mix1:55
  • 061Glory BoundAlt Mix No Lead1:55
  • 062Glory BoundAlt Mix No Spiccato1:55
  • 063Glory BoundAlt Mix No Drums1:55
  • 064Glory BoundAlt Mix Drums1:55




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