Light Trap

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Light Trap SSM0081

Light TRAP is a fresh collection of uplifting, positive, confident TRAP tracks. Great for Reality TV, Sports, Documentries and Commercials.

Space & Sound Music SSM0081

  • 001Fresher DripFull Mix1:58
  • 002Fresher DripAlt Mix No Lead1:58
  • 003Fresher DripAlt Mix Bed Track1:58
  • 004Fresher DripAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:58
  • 005Fresher DripAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:58
  • 006Look AheadFull Mix2:03
  • 007Look AheadLook Ahead Alt Mix No Drums2:03
  • 008Look AheadLook Ahead Alt Mix Drums + 8082:03
  • 009Bent FeelingsFull Mix1:40
  • 010Bent FeelingsAlt Mix No Lead1:40
  • 011Bent FeelingsAlt Mix Bed Track1:40
  • 012Bent FeelingsAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:40
  • 013Bent FeelingsAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:40
  • 014More LifeFull Mix2:17
  • 015More LifeMore Life Alt Mix No Drums2:17
  • 016More LifeMore Life Alt Mix Drums + 8082:17
  • 017No SurrenderFull Mix2:06
  • 018No SurrenderNo Surrender Alt Mix No Drums2:06
  • 019No SurrenderNo Surrender Alt Mix Drums + 8082:06
  • 020Never QuitFull Mix1:45
  • 021Never QuitNever Quit Alt Mix No Drums1:45
  • 022Never QuitNever Quit Alt Mix Drums + 8081:45
  • 023Rolling DiceFull Mix1:58
  • 024Rolling DiceAlt Mix No Lead1:58
  • 025Rolling DiceAlt Mix Bed Track1:58
  • 026Rolling DiceAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:58
  • 027Rolling DiceAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:58
  • 028Walk With MeFull Mix1:59
  • 029Walk With MeWalk With Me Alt Mix No Drums1:59
  • 030Walk With MeWalk With Me Alt Mix Drums + 8081:59
  • 031Happy Go PluckyFull Mix1:48
  • 032Happy Go PluckyHappy Go Plucky Alt Mix Drums + Bass1:48
  • 033Happy Go PluckyHappy Go Plucky Alt Mix No Drums1:48
  • 034Happy Go PluckyHappy Go Plucky Alt Mix No Bass1:48
  • 035Happy Walk VibesFull Mix1:19
  • 036Happy Walk VibesHappy Walk Vibes Alt Mix No Leads1:19
  • 037Happy Walk VibesHappy Walk Vibes Alt Mix No Drums1:19
  • 038Happy Walk VibesHappy Walk Vibes Alt Mix Drums + Bass1:19
  • 039Kitchen Fly TrapFull Mix1:34
  • 040Kitchen Fly TrapKitchen Fly Trap Alt Mix No Leads1:34
  • 041Kitchen Fly TrapKitchen Fly Trap Alt Mix Drums + Bass1:34
  • 042Kitchen Fly TrapKitchen Fly Trap Alt Mix No Leads + No Arps1:34
  • 043Kitchen Fly TrapKitchen Fly Trap Alt Mix No Drums1:34
  • 044Sunset CruiseFull Mix1:53
  • 045Sunset CruiseSunset Cruise Alt Mix No Drums1:53
  • 046Sunset CruiseSunset Cruise Alt Mix Drums + 8081:53
  • 047UndercoverFull Mix1:43
  • 048UndercoverUndercover Alt Mix Drums + 8081:43
  • 049UndercoverUndercover Alt Mix No Drums1:43
  • 050With WingsFull Mix1:32
  • 051With WingsWith Wings Alt Mix No Drums1:32
  • 052With WingsWith Wings Alt Mix Drums + Bass1:32
  • 053Step AwayFull Mix2:10
  • 054Step AwayAlt Mix No Lead2:10
  • 055Step AwayAlt Mix Keys Synths & FX2:10
  • 056Step AwayAlt Mix Drums & Bass2:10
  • 057LexionFull Mix2:08
  • 058LexionAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 059LexionAlt Mix Keys and Lead Synths2:08
  • 060LexionAlt Mix Drums & Bass2:08




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