Fun Light Happy EDM

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Fun Light Happy EDM SSM0078

These EDM tracks have a possitive feel good vibe, great for Reality TV, Lifestyle TV and Comercials

Space & Sound Music SSM0078

  • 001Carefree DaysFull Mix2:28
  • 002Carefree DaysAlt Mix_No Drums No Vocals2:28
  • 003Carefree DaysAlt Mix_No Drums2:28
  • 004Carefree DaysAlt Mix_Drums and Bass2:28
  • 005Blissful BeachesFull Mix2:02
  • 006Blissful BeachesAlt Mix No Lead2:02
  • 007Blissful BeachesAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:02
  • 008Blissful BeachesAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:02
  • 009Blissful BeachesAlt Mix Bed Track2:02
  • 010I'll Be FineFull MIx2:29
  • 011I'll Be FineAlt Mix_No Vocal2:29
  • 012I'll Be FineAlt Mix_Drums Bass2:29
  • 013I'll Be FineAlt Mix_No Drums2:29
  • 014Crashing WavesFull Mix2:05
  • 015Crashing WavesAlt Mix No Lead2:05
  • 016Crashing WavesAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:05
  • 017Crashing WavesAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:05
  • 018Crashing WavesAlt Mix Bed Track2:05
  • 019AfterhoursFull Mix1:43
  • 020AfterhoursAlt Mix No Lead1:43
  • 021AfterhoursAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:43
  • 022AfterhoursAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:43
  • 023AfterhoursAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:43
  • 024Fly AwayFull Mix1:58
  • 025Fly AwayAlt Mix No Lead1:58
  • 026Fly AwayAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:58
  • 027Fly AwayAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:58
  • 028Fly AwayAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:58
  • 029BreezeFull Mix1:57
  • 030BreezeAlt Mix No Lead1:57
  • 031BreezeAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:57
  • 032BreezeAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:57
  • 033BreezeAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:57
  • 034DancersFull Mix1:52
  • 035DancersAlt Mix No Lead1:52
  • 036DancersAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:52
  • 037DancersAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:52
  • 038DancersAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:52
  • 039DelightedFull Mix2:07
  • 040DelightedAlt Mix No Lead2:07
  • 041DelightedAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass2:07
  • 042DelightedAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass2:07
  • 043DelightedAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:07
  • 044Our ParadiseFull Mix1:40
  • 045Our ParadiseAlt Mix No Lead1:40
  • 046Our ParadiseAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:40
  • 047Our ParadiseAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:40
  • 048Our ParadiseAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:40
  • 049SeashoreFull Mix2:00
  • 050SeashoreAlt Mix No Lead2:00
  • 051SeashoreAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass2:00
  • 052SeashoreAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass2:00
  • 053SeashoreAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:00
  • 054PalmsFull Mix1:56
  • 055PalmsAlt Mix No Lead1:56
  • 056PalmsAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:56
  • 057PalmsAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:56
  • 058PalmsAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:56
  • 059TropicalityFull Mix1:57
  • 060TropicalityAlt Mix No Lead1:57
  • 061TropicalityAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:57
  • 062TropicalityAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:57
  • 063TropicalityAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:57
  • 064White SandFull Mix1:48
  • 065White SandAlt Mix No Lead1:48
  • 066White SandAlt Mix Keys, Synth and Bass1:48
  • 067White SandAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, SFX and Bass1:48
  • 068White SandAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:48




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