Big Beat

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Big Beat SSM0076

Big Beat combines classic break beats with modern electronic elements, Great for Sports, Commercials, Reality TV, Documentaries

Space & Sound Music SSM0076

  • 001StrutFull Mix3:00
  • 002StrutNo Spoken Word Phrase3:00
  • 003StrutNo Female Vocal3:00
  • 004StrutNo Synth Riff3:00
  • 005HorsepowerFull Mix1:56
  • 006HorsepowerAlt Mix No Lead1:56
  • 007HorsepowerAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:56
  • 008HorsepowerAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:56
  • 009Take the Red PillFull Mix1:27
  • 010Take the Red PillAlt Mix No Vox No FX1:27
  • 011Take the Red PillAlt Mix No Vox1:27
  • 012Take the Red PillAlt Mix Drum and Bass1:27
  • 013Take the Red PillAlt Mix No Drum and Bass1:27
  • 014Under The HoodFull Mix2:01
  • 015Under The HoodNo Vocal2:01
  • 016Under The HoodNo Pads2:01
  • 017Under The Hooddrums and bass2:01
  • 018Critical MomentFull Mix2:11
  • 019Critical MomentNo Pads2:11
  • 020Critical MomentNo Spoken Word2:11
  • 021Slow GrindFull Mix2:43
  • 022Slow GrindNo Arpeggio2:43
  • 023Slow GrindNo Female Sample2:43
  • 024Back from the TombsFull Mix2:25
  • 025Back from the TombsBack from the Tombs Alt Mix No Lead Arps2:25
  • 026Back from the TombsBack from the Tombs Alt Mix No Drums2:25
  • 027Back from the TombsBack from the Tombs Alt Mix Drums + Bass2:25
  • 028World On FireFull Mix1:22
  • 029World On FireAlt Mix No Vocals1:22
  • 030World On FireAlt Mix No Lead1:22
  • 031World On FireAlt Mix Drums And Percussion1:22
  • 032World On FireAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:22
  • 033World On FireAlt Mix Bed Track1:22
  • 034Crystal ShardFull Mix1:43
  • 035Crystal ShardAlt Mix No Vocals1:43
  • 036Crystal ShardAlt Mix No Lead1:43
  • 037Crystal ShardAlt Mix Bed track1:43
  • 038Crystal ShardAlt Mix Drums And Percussion1:43
  • 039Crystal ShardAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:43
  • 040Calling ZionFull Mix1:30
  • 041Calling ZionAlt Mix Drum and Bass1:30
  • 042Calling ZionAlt Mix No Crash No Fx1:30
  • 043Calling ZionAlt Mix No Drum and Bass1:30
  • 044Groove MemoriesFull Mix1:40
  • 045Groove MemoriesAlt Mix No Leads1:43
  • 046Groove MemoriesAlt Mix No Aux Perc1:43
  • 047Groove MemoriesAlt Mix No Drums1:43
  • 048Groove MemoriesAlt Mix Drums + Bass1:43
  • 049Hacking the MatrixFull Mix2:57
  • 050Hacking the MatrixAlt Mix Drums + Bass3:00
  • 051Hacking the MatrixAlt Mix No Leads3:00
  • 052Hacking the MatrixAlt Mix No Arps3:00
  • 053Hacking the MatrixAlt Mix No Drums3:00
  • 054Red Leather HeistFull Mix1:26
  • 055Red Leather HeistAlt Mix Bed Track1:26
  • 056Red Leather HeistAlt Mix No Lead1:26
  • 057Red Leather HeistAlt Mix No Vocals1:26
  • 058Red Leather HeistAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:26
  • 059Red Leather HeistAlt Mix Drums And Percussion1:26
  • 060Big EngineFull Mix2:21
  • 061Big EngineNo Trumpet2:21
  • 062Big Enginedrums and bass2:21
  • 063Blue PillFull Mix1:38
  • 064Blue PillAlt Mix No DJ Scratches1:38
  • 065Blue PillAlt Mix No Drums1:38
  • 066Blue PillAlt Mix Drums + Perc + Bass1:38
  • 067Crystal TripFull Mix1:50
  • 068Crystal TripAlt Mix No Vox1:50
  • 069Crystal TripAlt Mix No Vox No Crash No FX1:50
  • 070Crystal TripAlt Mix No Drum and Bass1:50
  • 071Crystal TripAlt Mix Drum and Bass1:50
  • 072Never StopFull Mix2:31
  • 073Never StopNo Spoken Word2:31
  • 074Never StopNo Pad2:31
  • 075Never StopLess Reverb2:31
  • 076MethodFull Mix1:56
  • 077MethodAlt Mix No Lead1:56
  • 078MethodAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:56
  • 079MethodAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:56




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