Epic Combat

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Epic Combat SSM0075

These big bold epic tracks are guaranteed to bring excitement and energy to any production

Space & Sound Music SSM0075

  • 001BlowoutFull Mix2:09
  • 002BlowoutAlt Mix NoGuitar2:09
  • 003BlowoutAlt Mix NoPercussion2:09
  • 004BlowoutAlt Mix NoSFX2:09
  • 005Alpha ModeFull Mix2:07
  • 006Alpha ModeAlt Mix NoLeadSynth2:06
  • 007Alpha ModeAlt Mix NoKickDrum2:06
  • 008Alpha ModeAlt Mix NoSFX2:07
  • 009PrevailFull Mix2:17
  • 010PrevailAlt Mix NoTinWhistle2:15
  • 011PrevailAlt Mix NoFrenchHornNoChoir2:15
  • 012PrevailAlt Mix NoPercussion2:15
  • 013PrevailAlt Mix NoSFX2:14
  • 014Squad UpFull Mix2:21
  • 015Squad UpAlt Mix NoPulsingSynth2:21
  • 016Squad UpAlt Mix NoPianoMel2:21
  • 017Squad UpAlt Mix NoPercussion2:21
  • 018Squad UpAlt Mix NoSFX2:21
  • 019Rise of an EmpireFull Mix2:24
  • 020Rise of an EmpireAlt Mix NoFrenchHornMel2:24
  • 021Rise of an EmpireAlt Mix NoDrums2:21
  • 022Rise of an EmpireAlt Mix NoFrenchHornMel_NoSFX2:24
  • 023Rise of an EmpireAlt Mix NoSFX2:24
  • 024On the Fields of BattleFull Mix2:16
  • 025On the Fields of BattleAlt Mix NoGuitarSolo2:16
  • 026On the Fields of BattleAlt Mix NoBrass2:16
  • 027On the Fields of BattleAlt Mix NoPercussion2:16
  • 028On the Fields of BattleAlt Mix NoSFX2:16
  • 029Crest FallenFull Mix2:10
  • 030Crest FallenAlt Mix NoStrings2:10
  • 031Crest FallenAlt Mix NoPercussion2:10
  • 032Crest FallenAlt Mix NoSFX2:10
  • 033Star LegionFull Mix2:22
  • 034Star LegionAlt Mix NoStrings2:22
  • 035Star LegionAlt Mix NoChoir2:22
  • 036Star LegionAlt Mix NoPercussion2:22
  • 037Star LegionAlt Mix NoSFX2:22
  • 038KratosFull Mix2:40
  • 039KratosAlt Mix NoChoir2:40
  • 040KratosAlt Mix NoBrass2:40
  • 041KratosAlt Mix NoHeartBeatSFX2:40
  • 042KratosAlt Mix NoSFX2:40
  • 043The BossFull Mix1:53
  • 044The BossAlt Mix NoBrass1:53
  • 045The BossAlt Mix NoFrenchHornMel1:53
  • 046The BossAlt Mix NoSFXNoDrums1:52
  • 047The BossAlt Mix NoSFX1:52
  • 048The DepthsFull Mix1:58
  • 049The DepthsAlt Mix NoClockSynth1:58
  • 050The DepthsAlt Mix NoBrass1:58
  • 051The DepthsAlt Mix NoPercussion1:58
  • 052The DepthsAlt Mix NoTransformerFX1:58




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