Orchestral Comedy

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Orchestral Comedy SSM0074

Sidesplitting, playful, and eccentric, this collection of orchestral tracks feature peculiar pizzicato strings, odd horns, and light-hearted percussion to get the whole room laughing.

Space & Sound Music SSM0074

  • 001Carnival And WhatFull Mix1:41
  • 002Carnival And WhatAlt Mix No Lead1:41
  • 003Carnival And WhatAlt Mix No Drums and No Percussion1:41
  • 004Carnival And WhatAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:41
  • 005Carnival And WhatAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:41
  • 006I Don't Trust That ClownFull Mix1:23
  • 007I Don't Trust That ClownAlt Mix Bed Track1:23
  • 008I Don't Trust That ClownAlt Mix Percussion And Bass1:23
  • 009I Don't Trust That ClownAlt Mix Percussion1:23
  • 010Quick And FunnyFull Mix1:30
  • 011Quick And FunnyAlt Mix Bed Track1:30
  • 012Quick And FunnyAlt Mix No Bass And Percussion1:30
  • 013Quick And FunnyAlt Mix Drums Bass And Percussion1:30
  • 014Bumble Bee ChaseFull Mix1:46
  • 015Bumble Bee ChaseAlt Mix Woodwinds Strings and Tenor Trombone1:47
  • 016Bumble Bee ChaseAlt Mix No Percussion1:46
  • 017Bumble Bee ChaseAlt Mix No High Brass No High Strings1:47
  • 018Bumble Bee ChaseAlt Mix Lows and Percussion1:47
  • 019The SneakyFull Mix1:23
  • 020The SneakyAlt Mix No Melody1:23
  • 021The SneakyAlt Mix No Drums1:23
  • 022The SneakyAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:23
  • 023Fun ZoneFull Mix1:33
  • 024Fun ZoneAlt Mix No Trumpet and No Clarinet1:33
  • 025Fun ZoneAlt Mix No Trumpet1:33
  • 026Fun ZoneAlt Mix Bed Track1:33
  • 027Fun ZoneAlt Mix No Percussion1:33
  • 028This Little PiggyFull Mix2:05
  • 029This Little PiggyAlt Mix Bed Track2:05
  • 030This Little PiggyAlt Mix No Trumpet2:05
  • 031This Little PiggyAlt Mix No Trumpet and No Clarinet2:05
  • 032This Little PiggyAlt Mix No Percussion2:05
  • 033The Spy Who Shoved MeFull Mix1:23
  • 034The Spy Who Shoved MeAlt Mix Bed Track1:23
  • 035The Spy Who Shoved MeAlt Mix Percussion And Bass1:23
  • 036The Spy Who Shoved MeAlt Mix Percussion1:23
  • 037LooneyFull Mix1:37
  • 038LooneyAlt Mix No Melody1:37
  • 039LooneyAlt Mix No Drums1:37
  • 040LooneyAlt Mix Drums and Lows1:37
  • 041WhirlaboutFull Mix1:17
  • 042WhirlaboutAlt Mix No Lead1:17
  • 043WhirlaboutAlt Mix No Percussion1:17
  • 044WhirlaboutAlt Mix Percussion and Bass1:17
  • 045Sneak FreakFull Mix2:08
  • 046Sneak FreakAlt Mix Bed Track2:08
  • 047Sneak FreakAlt Mix No Woodwinds2:08
  • 048Sneak FreakAlt Mix No Drums and No Percussion2:08
  • 049Sneak FreakAlt Mix Bass Drums and Percussion2:08
  • 050Candy Cane And Sugar LandFull Mix1:36
  • 051Candy Cane And Sugar LandAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 052Candy Cane And Sugar LandAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:36
  • 053Candy Cane And Sugar LandAlt Mix No Drums and No Percussion1:36
  • 054Stop, Drop And SneakFull Mix2:01
  • 055Stop, Drop And SneakAlt Mix Bed Track2:01
  • 056Stop, Drop and SneakAlt Mix Pizzi And Strings2:01
  • 057Stop, Drop And SneakAlt Mix No Untuned Percussion2:01
  • 058Bank Heist ClownFull Mix1:41
  • 059Bank Heist ClownAlt Mix Bed Track1:41
  • 060Bank Heist ClownAlt Mix Percussion1:41
  • 061Bank Heist ClownAlt Mix Tuba And Percussion1:41
  • 062Tchaikovsky's Silly PantsFull Mix1:41
  • 063Tchaikovsky's Silly PantsAlt Mix Bed Track1:41
  • 064PT Barnum's Crazy PantsFull Mix1:10
  • 065PT Barnum's Crazy PantsAlt Mix Bed Track1:10
  • 066WhimsicalFull Mix1:00
  • 067WhimsicalAlt Mix No Melody1:00
  • 068WhimsicalAlt Mix No WW Counterpoint1:00
  • 069WhimsicalAlt Mix No Drums No Low Brass1:00




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