Chilled & Cooled Hip Hop

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Chilled & Cooled Hip Hop SSM0072

Hip Hop inspired beats featuring cool vocal samples and big boom bap drums, great for Reality TV, Sports or any production in need of some cool beats

Space & Sound Music SSM0072

  • 001ExplanationFull Mix2:44
  • 002ExplanationAlt Mix No Lead2:44
  • 003ExplanationAlt Mix Bed Track2:44
  • 004ExplanationAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:44
  • 005Wait For MeFull Mix2:33
  • 006Wait For MeAlt Mix No Lead2:33
  • 007Wait For MeAlt Mix Piano, GTR and FX Bed2:33
  • 008Wait For MeAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:33
  • 009Sand Between Your ToesFull Mix2:41
  • 010Sand Between Your ToesAlt Mix No Lead2:41
  • 011Sand Between Your ToesAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:41
  • 012AberrationFull Mix2:49
  • 013AberrationAlt Mix No Lead2:49
  • 014AberrationAlt Mix Bed Track2:49
  • 015Get You Off My MindFull Mix2:55
  • 016Get You Off My MindAlt Mix No lead2:55
  • 017Get You Off My MindAlt Mix Bed Track2:55
  • 018Get You Off My MindAlt Mix Drums and bass2:55
  • 019Lost SoulFull Mix3:02
  • 020Lost SoulAlt Mix No Lead3:02
  • 021Lost SoulAlt Mix Bed Track3:02
  • 022Lost SoulAlt Mix Drums and Bass3:02
  • 023SolitaryFull Mix3:30
  • 024SolitaryAlt Mix No Lead3:30
  • 025SolitaryAlt Mix Drums, Bass and FX3:30
  • 026ReparationFull Mix2:35
  • 027ReparationAlt Mix No Lead2:35
  • 028ReparationAlt Mix GTR Bed2:35
  • 029ReparationAlt Mix Drums and Lead2:35
  • 030The IndisputableFull Mix2:08
  • 031The IndisputableAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 032The IndisputableAlt Mix GTR and Synth bed2:08
  • 033The IndisputableAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:08
  • 034Problem SolvedFull Mix2:45
  • 035Problem SolvedAlt Mix No Lead2:45
  • 036Problem SolvedAlt Mix Keys and Synth2:45
  • 037Problem SolvedAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:45
  • 038ResillianceFull Mix3:34
  • 039ResillianceAlt Mix No Lead3:34
  • 040ResillianceAlt Mix Keys, Synth and FX bed3:34
  • 041ResillianceAlt Mix Drums and Bass3:34




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