Fun Movement

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Fun Movement SSM0069

Upbeat and wild, this collection of fun tracks features funky basslines, groovy guitars and quirky synths. Great for bringing a light and happy vibe to any production

Space & Sound Music SSM0069

  • 001Dust-UpFull Mix2:02
  • 002Dust-UpAlt Mix Bed Track2:02
  • 003Dust-UpAlt Mix No Bass2:02
  • 004Dust-UpAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:02
  • 005Shakin' & Groovin'Full Mix1:49
  • 006Shakin' & Groovin'Alt Mix No Horns1:49
  • 007Shakin' & Groovin'Alt Mix Drums and Bass1:49
  • 008Shakin' & Groovin'Alt Mix Drums and Percussion1:49
  • 009Funk Me UpFull Mix1:31
  • 010Funk Me UpAlt Mix Drums Bass Vocal Shouts1:31
  • 011Funk Me UpAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:31
  • 012Funk Me UpAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:31
  • 013New LookFull MIx1:54
  • 014New LookAlt Mix No Lead1:54
  • 015New LookAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:54
  • 016Time To JiveFull Mix1:36
  • 017Time To JiveAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 018Time To JiveAlt Mix Organ Lead1:36
  • 019Time To JiveAlt Mix No Percussion1:36
  • 020Time To JiveAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:36
  • 021ShaftedFull Mix1:38
  • 022ShaftedAlt Mix No Horns1:38
  • 023ShaftedAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:38
  • 024ShaftedAlt Mix Beds (No Drum and Bass)1:38
  • 025ShaftedAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:38
  • 026Daddy's White Go-Go BootsFull Mix1:25
  • 027Daddy's White Go-Go BootsAlt Mix No Lead1:25
  • 028Daddy's White Go-Go BootsAlt Mix Bed Track1:25
  • 029Daddy's White Go-Go BootsAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:25
  • 030Daddy's White Go-Go BootsAlt Mix Drums Percussion1:25
  • 031Funkified FreshFull Mix1:26
  • 032Funkified FreshAlt Mix No Crash No Shaker No Tambourine1:26
  • 033Funkified FreshAlt Mix No Flute1:26
  • 034Funkified FreshAlt Mix No Guitar1:26
  • 035Funkified FreshAlt Mix No Drum and Bass1:26
  • 036Funkified FreshAlt Mix Drum and Bass1:26
  • 037Robot MomFull Mix1:24
  • 038Robot MomAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:24




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