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Dramedy SSM0065

Quirky, comical, and cheery, these playful tracks feature sneaky pizzicato strings and curious percussion flourishes to serve any lighthearted production.

Space & Sound Music SSM0065

  • 001Dont Do ThatFull Mix1:35
  • 002Dont Do ThatAlt Mix Reduced1:35
  • 003Dont Do ThatAlt Mix No Percussion1:35
  • 004Dont Do ThatAlt Mix Bass And Percussion1:35
  • 005Little NutsFull Mix1:45
  • 006Little NutsAlt Mix No Lead1:45
  • 007Caught By SurpriseFull Mix1:46
  • 008Caught By SurpriseAlt Mix Reduced1:46
  • 009Caught By SurpriseAlt Mix No Percussion1:46
  • 010Caught By SurpriseAlt Mix Bass and Percussion1:46
  • 011Too Much EnergyFull Mix1:32
  • 012Too Much EnergyAlt Mix No Lead1:32
  • 013Spying The NeighboursFull Mix1:48
  • 014Spying The NeighboursAlt Mix Reduced1:48
  • 015Spying The NeighboursAlt Mix No Percussion1:48
  • 016Spying The NeighboursAlt Mix Bass And Percussion1:48
  • 017Caught In A LieFull Mix1:38
  • 018Caught In A LieAlt Mix Reduced1:38
  • 019Caught In A LieAlt Mix No Percussion1:38
  • 020Caught In A LieAlt Mix Bass And Percussion1:38
  • 021Fun and QuirkyFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:57
  • 022Dangerously PoisedFull Mix1:09
  • 023Dangerously PoisedAlt Mix Just Perc1:09
  • 024Dangerously PoisedAlt Mix_No Perc1:09
  • 025Fun Happy DayFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:16
  • 026Fun Sneakin AroundFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:47
  • 027Fun UndercoverFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:38
  • 028Diva DuelFull Mix1:39
  • 029Diva DuelAlt Mix Bed Track1:39
  • 030Diva DuelAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:39




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