Solving the Case

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Solving the Case SSM0062

Thought-provoking motifs with tense bed tracks, dramatic and suspenseful melodies, and scheming, investigative textures, this collection of tracks will keep you engaged through any tense scene.

Space & Sound Music SSM0062

  • 001Blood Sweat And CheersFull Mix1:45
  • 002Blood Sweat And CheersAlt Mix No Melody1:45
  • 003Blood Sweat And CheersAlt Mix No Drums1:45
  • 004Blood Sweat And CheersAlt Mix Drums1:45
  • 005Blood Sweat And CheersAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:45
  • 006ClosinginFull Mix1:40
  • 007ClosinginAlt Mix No Melody1:40
  • 008ClosinginAlt Mix Ambient Track1:40
  • 009Crime ReportFull Mix1:31
  • 010Crime ReportAlt mix No Perc1:31
  • 011Crime ReportAlt Mix_Ambient Track1:31
  • 012Out On A LedgeFull Mix1:35
  • 013Out On A LedgeAlt Mix Synthesizers1:32
  • 014Out On A LedgeAlt Mix Leads1:32
  • 015Out On A LedgeAlt Mix Fx1:32
  • 016Out On A LedgeAlt Mix Drums1:32
  • 017Pursuit EvasionFull Mix2:26
  • 018Pursuit EvasionAlt Mix No Melody2:26
  • 019Pursuit EvasionAlt Mix No Drums2:26
  • 020Pursuit EvasionAlt Mix Melodic Mix2:26
  • 021Pursuit EvasionAlt Mix Drums And Bass2:26
  • 022Stealth ModeFull Mix2:43
  • 023Stealth ModeAlt Mix No High Melody2:43
  • 024Stealth ModeAlt Mix Ambient Mix2:43
  • 025Stealth ModeAlt Mix Ambient Minimal Mix2:43
  • 026Stealth ModeAlt Mix Drums+Perc+Bass2:43
  • 027Nightmare LockerFull Mix1:48
  • 028Nightmare LockerAlt Mix Bed Track1:48
  • 029Nightmare LockerAlt Mix Bed Track, No Pulse1:48
  • 030Nightmare LockerAlt Mix Bed Track, No Drums1:48
  • 031Nightmare LockerAlt Mix Drums, Percussion, Basses, And Cello1:48
  • 032You Can't See MeFull Mix2:16
  • 033You Can't See MeAlt Mix Bed Track2:16
  • 034You Can't See MeAlt Mix Drums And Bass Drone2:16
  • 035You Can't See MeAlt Mix Drums, Bass Drone, And Fx2:16
  • 036After HoursFull Mix1:36
  • 037After HoursAlt Mix Reduced Mix1:36
  • 038After HoursAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:36
  • 039After HoursAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:36
  • 040After HoursAlt Mix Drums Only1:36
  • 041Finding The AnswersFull Mix1:33
  • 042Finding The AnswersAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:33
  • 043Finding The AnswersAlt Mix No Drums1:33
  • 044Finding The AnswersAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:33
  • 045Finding The AnswersAlt Mix Drums Only1:33
  • 046SplintersFull Mix1:50
  • 047SplintersAlt Mix No Melody Bed Track1:50
  • 048SplintersAlt Mix Bass Drums And Percussion1:50
  • 049SplintersAlt Mix Drums Percussion And Drone1:50
  • 050Tense And UncertainFull Mix1:30
  • 051Tense And UncertainAlt Mix No Lead1:30
  • 052Tense And UncertainAlt Mix Ambient1:30
  • 053Tense And UncertainAlt Mix No Drums1:30
  • 054Still LivesFull Mix1:50
  • 055Still LivesAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:46
  • 056Still LivesAlt Mix Bed Track1:46




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