Putting Clues Together

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Putting Clues Together SSM0061

Thought-provoking and intriguing motifs dominate this collection of dramatic, investigative tracks. Adding suspense through low drones and ominous tones, these pieces add a lot to any dramatic and tense scene.

Space & Sound Music SSM0061

  • 001Taste of RustFull Mix1:53
  • 002Taste of RustAlt MIx Bed Track.1:53
  • 003Keep Your Head DownFull Mix1:58
  • 004Keep Your Head DownAlt Mix Ambient1:59
  • 005Keep Your Head DownAlt Mix Strings and Drums1:59
  • 006Keep Your Head DownAlt Mix Strings and Piano1:59
  • 007Keep Your Head DownAlt Mix Synth and Drums1:59
  • 008Black WidowFull Mix1:31
  • 009Black WidowAlt Mix No Drums1:31
  • 010Black WidowAlt Mix No Lead1:31
  • 011Follow the SoundFull Mix1:41
  • 012Follow the SoundAlt Mix Arp And Pads1:41
  • 013Follow the SoundAlt Mix No Melody1:41
  • 014Follow the SoundAlt Mix Percussion and Bass1:41
  • 015In the ZoneFull MIx1:46
  • 016In the ZoneAlt Mix Bed Track.1:46
  • 017Investigative Crime SceneFull Mix1:49
  • 018Investigative Crime SceneAlt Mix Ambient with Melody1:50
  • 019Investigative Crime SceneAlt Mix Bed Track with Choir1:50
  • 020Investigative Crime SceneAlt Mix Bed Track1:50
  • 021Investigative Crime SceneAlt Mix Drums with Sparse Synths1:50
  • 022No Time for PrecautionsFull Mix1:31
  • 023No Time for PrecautionsAlt Mix Drones1:31
  • 024No Time for PrecautionsAlt Mix Lead1:31
  • 025No Time for PrecautionsAlt Mix Synths and Strings1:31
  • 026No Time for PrecautionsAlt Mix Drums and FX1:31
  • 027The Devil's DetailsFull Mix2:45
  • 028The Devil's DetailsAlt Mix Bed No Melody2:46
  • 029The Devil's DetailsAlt Mix Bed With Melody2:46
  • 030The Devil's DetailsAlt Mix No Bass2:46
  • 031The Devil's DetailsAlt Mix No Drums2:45
  • 032The Devil's DetailsAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:46
  • 033The Devil's DetailsAlt Mix No Drums No Melody2:46
  • 034ConscienceFull Mix1:48
  • 035ConscienceAlt Mix Percussion and Bass1:48
  • 036ConscienceAlt Mix No Percussion1:48
  • 037BrittleFull Mix1:51
  • 038BrittleAlt Mix No Lead1:48
  • 039BrittleAlt Mix Percussion and Bass1:48
  • 040BrittleAlt Mix Drums and Percussion1:48




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