Modern Mystery

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Modern Mystery SSM0060

Anticipation created with ominous and tense tones, this collection is perfect for tension and suspense filled scenes in any modern production.

Space & Sound Music SSM0060

  • 001SynthesizeFull Mix1:51
  • 002SynthesizeAlt Mix No Synth Lead1:51
  • 003SynthesizeAlt Mix No Bass1:51
  • 004Under ObservationFull Mix1:57
  • 005Under ObservationAlt Mix No String Melody1:57
  • 006The DiagnosisFull Mix2:12
  • 007The DiagnosisAlt Mix With Strings2:12
  • 008Mysterious DiscoveryFull Mix2:13
  • 009Mysterious DiscoveryAlt Mix With Percussion2:13
  • 010Through My VeinsFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)2:37
  • 011The Waiting RoomFull Mix1:18
  • 012The Waiting RoomAlt Mix NoPiano1:18
  • 013Pensive StateFull Mix2:16
  • 014Pensive StateAlt Mix Bed2:16
  • 015Night FallsFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:32
  • 016Hidden TruthsFull Mix2:04
  • 017Hidden TruthsAlt Mix Pulse Track2:04
  • 018Hidden TruthsAlt Mix Ambient Track2:04
  • 019A Man CriesFull Mix2:02
  • 020A Man CriesAlt Mix No Lead(Choir) Mix2:01
  • 021A Man CriesAlt Mix Ambient Mix (No Bass-Perc)2:01
  • 022A Man CriesAlt Mix Synths Bed Mix2:01
  • 023A Man CriesAlt Mix Bass and Perc Mix2:01
  • 024Nervously WaitingFull Mix1:36
  • 025Nervously WaitingAlt Mix No Bell Counter Melody1:36
  • 026NucleusFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:39
  • 027PhotonsFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:48
  • 028SymptomsFull Mix1:38
  • 029SymptomsAlt Mix No Bass1:38
  • 030Taking It OnFull Mix3:03
  • 031Taking It OnAlt Mix No Bass3:03
  • 032Taking It OnAlt Mix No Percussion3:03
  • 033Testing the ResultsFull Mix1:36
  • 034Testing the ResultsAlt Mix Ambient Guitar1:36
  • 035Testing the ResultsAlt Mix Ambient Strings1:36
  • 036Testing the ResultsAlt Mix Bed track1:36
  • 037The Build UpFull Mix3:24
  • 038The Build UpAlt Mix No Percussion3:24
  • 039The DiscoveryFull Mix2:11
  • 040The DiscoveryAlt Mix No Drums2:11
  • 041The DiscoveryAlt Mix No Drums No Melody2:11
  • 042The DiscoveryAlt Mix No Melody2:11
  • 043UndergroundFull Mix2:58
  • 044UndergroundAlt Mix Minimalist2:58
  • 045Unopened BoxFull Mix1:36
  • 046Unopened BoxAlt Mix No Melody1:36
  • 047Waiting For NewsFull Mix1:36
  • 048Waiting For A SignAlt Mix No percussion2:18
  • 049Waiting For A SignAlt Mix No Percussion No Synth Lead2:18
  • 050Waiting For A SignFull Mix2:18
  • 051Waiting For NewsAlt Mix No Bell Melody1:36




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