Futuristic Ambient

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Futuristic Ambient SSM0056

Futuristic sounds and elements are used in this collection of tranquil, yet chilly ambient tracks. It will give you an ethereal feeling, not good or bad, just a floating-in-space sensation.

Space & Sound Music SSM0056

  • 001Forgetting The PastFull Mix2:28
  • 002Forgetting The PastAlt Mix No Bass2:28
  • 003Deep Sea DivingFull Mix1:48
  • 004Deep Sea DivingAlt Mix No Guitar1:48
  • 005MesmerizedFull Mix3:56
  • 006MesmerizedAlt Mix No Drums No Melody3:56
  • 007MesmerizedAlt Mix No Drums3:56
  • 008Above the CloudsFull Mix1:44
  • 009Above the CloudsAlt Mix Ambient1:44
  • 010Calm SurfaceFull Mix2:14
  • 011Calm SurfaceAlt Mix No Guitar Melody2:14
  • 012Digital GhostFull Mix1:33
  • 013Digital GhostAlt Mix No Lead1:33
  • 014Mayan TempleFull Mix1:40
  • 015Mayan TempleAlt Mix Ambient1:40
  • 016Mayan TempleAlt Mix No Lead Vocals1:40
  • 017Alien SpacecraftFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)2:00
  • 018A Scientific DiscoveryFull Mix1:43
  • 019A Scientific DiscoveryAlt Mix Pads Only1:43
  • 020A Scientific DiscoveryAlt Mix Bass Only1:43
  • 021A Celestial ViewFull Mix4:20
  • 022A Celestial ViewAlt Mix Pad Only4:20
  • 023A Celestial ViewAlt Mix No FX4:20




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