Epic Hybrid Orchestral

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Epic Hybrid Orchestral SSM0055

Awe-Inspiring and spectacular, this collection of grand and epic anthems will get your heart racing with excitement. With a full orchestra and climactic themes, this soundtrack is perfect for any high intensity moment.

Space & Sound Music SSM0055

  • 001The ConquestFull Mix1:16
  • 002The ConquestAlt Mix Gtr Stem1:16
  • 003The ConquestAlt Mix Keys Stem1:16
  • 004The ConquestAlt Mix Strings Stem1:16
  • 005The ConquestAlt Mix Perc Stem1:16
  • 006The ConquestAlt Mix Drums Stem1:16
  • 007War GamesFull Mix1:43
  • 008War GamesAlt Mix Strings Only Mix1:43
  • 009War GamesAlt Mix Perc Only Mix1:43
  • 010War GamesAlt Mix Perc And Brass Mix1:43
  • 011Digital MastermindFull Mix2:01
  • 012Digital MastermindAlt Mix Drums And Perc1:23
  • 013Duty CallsFull Mix4:19
  • 014Duty CallsNo Drums No Perc4:19
  • 015Duty CallsAlt Mix Bass Stem4:19
  • 016Duty CallsAlt Mix Drone Stem4:19
  • 017Duty CallsAlt Mix Drums Stem4:19
  • 018Duty CallsAlt Mix Gtr Stem4:19
  • 019Duty CallsAlt Mix Keys Stem4:19
  • 020Duty CallsAlt Mix Piano Stem4:19
  • 021Duty CallsAlt Mix Strings Stem4:19
  • 022Duty CallsAlt Mix Synth Stabs Stem4:19
  • 023Epic VoyageFull Mix2:36
  • 024Epic VoyageAlt Mix Strings Stem2:36
  • 025Epic VoyageAlt Mix Brass Stem2:36
  • 026Epic VoyageAlt Mix Drums And Perc Stem2:36
  • 027Epic VoyageAlt Mix Keys Stem2:36
  • 028Epic VoyageAlt Mix Vox Stem2:36
  • 029Epic ActionFull Mix1:22
  • 030Gothic Choral ThunderFull Mix2:01
  • 031Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Anvil Stem2:01
  • 032Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Brass Stem2:01
  • 033Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Chimes Stem2:01
  • 034Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Choir Stem2:01
  • 035Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Cymbal Stem2:01
  • 036Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Drums Stem2:01
  • 037Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Piano Stem2:01
  • 038Gothic Choral ThunderAlt Mix Strings Stem2:01
  • 039Justice Is ServedFull Mix2:28
  • 040Justice Is ServedNo Drums No Perc2:28
  • 041Into The ArenaFull Mix2:15
  • 042Into The ArenaAlt Mix Bass Stem2:15
  • 043Into The ArenaAlt Mix Drums Stem2:15
  • 044Into The ArenaAlt Mix Elec Gtr 1 Stem2:15
  • 045Into The ArenaAlt Mix Elec Gtr 2 Stem2:15
  • 046Into The ArenaAlt Mix Intro Sfx Stem2:15
  • 047Into The ArenaAlt Mix Pad Stem2:15
  • 048Into The ArenaAlt Mix Strings Stem2:15
  • 049Into The ArenaAlt Mix Synth Arp Stem2:15
  • 050Into The ArenaNo Drums No Perc2:15
  • 051The MarchFull Mix2:54
  • 052The MarchAlt Mix Brass Stem2:54
  • 053The MarchAlt Mix Chimes Stem2:54
  • 054The MarchAlt Mix Cymbals Stem2:54
  • 055The MarchAlt Mix Drums And Perc Stem2:54
  • 056The MarchAlt Mix Piano Stem2:54
  • 057The MarchAlt Mix Strings Stem2:54
  • 058The MarchAlt Mix Woodwinds Stem2:54
  • 059Adventure Through SpaceFull Mix1:23




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