Dark Tension

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Dark Tension SSM0054

With ominous and brooding tension that combines with building anticipation, these tracks are full of dark and nervous motifs. With thoughtful tones and dramatic swells, this collection is perfect for agonizingly tense situations.

Space & Sound Music SSM0054

  • 001Beyond FearFull Mix1:46
  • 002Beyond FearAlt Mix Bed Track1:46
  • 003Beyond FearAlt Mix No Perc1:46
  • 004Fearing What's NextFull Mix2:09
  • 005Fearing What's NextAlt Mix No Percussion2:09
  • 006Unchartered TerritoryFull Mix2:00
  • 007Unchartered TerritoryAlt Mix Bed Track2:00
  • 008Unchartered TerritoryAlt Mix No Drone2:00
  • 009Unchartered TerritoryAlt Mix No Melody No Drums2:00
  • 010Ominous PassageFull Mix1:39
  • 011Ominous PassageAlt Mix Bed Track1:39
  • 012Ominous PassageAlt Mix No Lead1:39
  • 013Patient ZeroFull Mix1:25
  • 014Patient ZeroAlt Mix Ambient Track1:25
  • 015Patient ZeroAlt Mix Drums Percussion1:25
  • 016Progressive DiseaseFull Mix1:38
  • 017Progressive DiseaseAlt Mix Ambience1:38
  • 018Progressive DiseaseAlt Mix Just Synth Bass1:38
  • 019Progressive DiseaseAlt Mix No Synth Bass1:38
  • 020Progressive DiseaseAlt Mix Rhythmics1:38
  • 021Reconnaissance MissionFull Mix2:04
  • 022Reconnaissance MissionAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:04
  • 023Technology UnidentifiedFull Mix1:37
  • 024Technology UnidentifiedAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:37
  • 025Technology UnidentifiedAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:37
  • 026Technology UnidentifiedAlt MixDrums only1:37
  • 027Technology UnidentifiedAlt Mix No Drums1:37
  • 028The Ninth LevelFull Mix1:53
  • 029The Ninth LevelAlt Mix Bed Track1:53
  • 030The Ninth LevelAlt Mix Bed Track 21:53
  • 031Blood DiamondsFull Mix1:14
  • 032Blood DiamondsAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:14
  • 033Blood DiamondsAlt Mix No Drums1:14




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