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Spy SSM0051

Silencers, gadgets, and gizmos, these classic spy tracks will have you feeling like a cool cat.

Space & Sound Music SSM0051

  • 001SpytekFull Mix2:48
  • 002Modern SpyFull Mix1:41
  • 003Spy Me To The MoonFull Mix1:41
  • 004Spy Me To The MoonNo Lead1:41
  • 005Spy Me To The MoonPercussion + Bass1:41
  • 006Spy Me To The MoonDrums + Percussion1:41
  • 007Spy Me To The MoonBed Track1:41
  • 008I Wanna Spy Like An EagleFull Mix1:41
  • 009I Wanna Spy Like An EagleNo Lead Bed Track1:41
  • 010I Wanna Spy Like An EagleDrums + Bass1:41
  • 011I Wanna Spy Like An EagleDrums + Percussion1:41
  • 012Spy Me A RiverFull Mix1:37
  • 013Spy Me A River TakeNo Lead Guitar1:37
  • 014Spy Me A River TakeDrums1:37
  • 015Spy Me A River TakeDrums and Bass1:37
  • 016When Doves SpyFull Mix2:07
  • 017When Doves SpyNo Lead2:07
  • 018When Doves SpyBed Track2:07
  • 019When Doves SpyDrums + Bass2:07
  • 020When Doves SpyDrums + Percussion2:07
  • 021Spy By NightFull Mix1:59
  • 022Spy By NightNo Lead: Guitar or Piano1:59
  • 023Spy By NightDrums: Percussion + Bass1:59
  • 024Spy By NightDrums: Percussion1:59




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