Ambient Tension Underscore

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Ambient Tension Underscore SSM0050

With foreboding anticipation and dramatic swells combined with a ticking clock sensation these tracks are anxiously agonising, making this collection of tense underscores intensely dramatic, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Space & Sound Music SSM0050

  • 001Lost In TransitFull Mix1:18
  • 002Lost In TransitAlt Mix No Melody1:18
  • 003Lost In TransitAlt Mix No Drums1:18
  • 004Lost In TransitAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:18
  • 005Lost In TransitAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:18
  • 006Agonising DelayFull Mix1:26
  • 007Agonising DelayAlt Mix No Lead1:26
  • 008Agonising DelayAlt Mix Drone1:26
  • 009Agonising DelayAlt Mix No Percussion1:26
  • 010Agonising DelayAlt Mix Piano Mix1:26
  • 011AmbushFull Mix2:00
  • 012AmbushAlt Mix No Lead2:00
  • 013AmbushAlt Mix Underscore2:00
  • 014AmbushAlt Mix Melodic Mix2:00
  • 015AmbushAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:00
  • 016Approach With CautionFull Mix1:12
  • 017Approach With CautionAlt Mix Bed Track1:12
  • 018Approach With CautionAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:12
  • 019Approach With CautionAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:12
  • 020Approach With CautionAlt Mix Melodic1:12
  • 021Approach With CautionAlt Mix No Drums1:12
  • 022Crushed SpiritsFull Mix1:14
  • 023Crushed SpiritsAlt Mix No Melody1:14
  • 024Crushed SpiritsAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:14
  • 025Crushed SpiritsAlt Mix Melodic Mix1:14
  • 026Crushed SpiritsAlt Mix Bass and Drums1:14
  • 027Dangerous TimesFull Mix1:21
  • 028Dangerous TimesAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:21
  • 029Dangerous TimesAlt Mix Melodic Mix1:21
  • 030Dangerous TimesAlt Mix No Drums1:21
  • 031Dangerous TimesAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:21
  • 032Forged PapersFull Mix1:15
  • 033Forged PapersAlt Mix No Melody1:15
  • 034Forged PapersAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:15
  • 035Forged PapersAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:15
  • 036Forged PapersAlt Mix No Drums1:15
  • 037Glimmer Of HopeFull Mix1:20
  • 038Glimmer Of HopeAlt Mix No Melody1:20
  • 039Glimmer Of HopeAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:20
  • 040Glimmer Of HopeAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:20
  • 041Glimmer Of HopeAlt Mix Melodic Mix1:20
  • 042Glimmer Of HopeAlt Mix No Drums1:20
  • 043Illustrating MindsetFull Mix1:39
  • 044Illustrating MindsetAlt Mix No Lead1:39
  • 045Illustrating MindsetAlt Mix Bed Track1:39
  • 046Illustrating MindsetAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:39
  • 047Illustrating MindsetAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:39
  • 048Trepidation ForbodingFull Mix1:20
  • 049Trepidation ForbodingAlt Mix No Melody1:20
  • 050Trepidation ForbodingAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:20
  • 051Trepidation ForbodingAlt Mix No Drums1:20




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