Ambient Reflextions

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Ambient Reflextions SSM0049

With the use of strings and other orchestral elements, this collection of tranquil calming tracks will give you ethereal optimism, and with some tense moments mixed in, it allows for a range of emotions to be felt.

Space & Sound Music SSM0049

  • 001Beyond The VeilFull Mix2:13
  • 002Beyond The VeilAlt Mix Ambient Track2:13
  • 003Day DreamFull Mix3:13
  • 004Day DreamAlt Mix No Lead3:20
  • 005Day DreamAlt Mix Bed Track3:20
  • 006Day DreamAlt Mix Drums and Bass4:16
  • 007Day DreamAlt Mix Ambient Mix3:20
  • 008Paradigm ShiftFull Mix1:57
  • 009Paradigm ShiftAlt Mix Ambient Track1:57
  • 010Idle ForestFull Mix5:13
  • 011Idle ForestAlt Mix No Lead6:48
  • 012Idle ForestAlt Mix Bed Track7:40
  • 013Left BehindFull Mix2:00
  • 014Left BehindAlt Mix No Lead2:00
  • 015Left BehindAlt Mix Strings and Ambience2:00
  • 016Left BehindAlt Mix Just Synth Bass2:00
  • 017Left BehindAlt Mix Drums and Synth Bass2:00
  • 018Warm GunFull Mix2:07
  • 019Warm GunAlt Mix Melodic Mix2:07
  • 020Warm GunAlt Mix Drone Mix2:07
  • 021Between The Moon and EarthFull Mix3:35
  • 022Between The Moon and EarthAlt Mix Drums and Bass4:07
  • 023Between The Moon and EarthAlt Mix Bed Track4:42
  • 024After the RainFull Mix1:42
  • 025After the RainAlt Mix Bed Track1:42
  • 026BagginFull Mix2:44
  • 027BagginAlt Mix Drum & Seq2:44
  • 028BagginAlt Mix Keys & ambient2:44
  • 029Contact TraceFull Mix2:04
  • 030Contact TraceAlt Mix Ambient Track2:04
  • 031Dream SequenceFull Mix1:31
  • 032Dream SequenceAlt Mix Bed Track1:31
  • 033Dream SequenceAlt Mix No Lead1:47
  • 034Dream SequenceAlt Mix No Perc1:47
  • 035Fairy WingsFull Mix1:42
  • 036Fairy WingsAlt Mix Strings1:42
  • 037Fairy WingsAlt Mix Harp1:42
  • 038Frightening MemoryFull Mix1:49
  • 039Frightening MemoryAlt Mix Drums1:49
  • 040Frightening MemoryAlt Mix FX1:49
  • 041Frightening MemoryAlt Mix Guitar1:49
  • 042Frightening MemoryAlt Mix Lead1:49
  • 043Frightening MemoryAlt Mix Orchestra1:49
  • 044Frightening MemoryAlt Mix Synth1:49
  • 045Magnetic FieldsFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:34
  • 046Meditation Calm IIFull Mix1:44
  • 047Meditation Calm IIAlt Mix Bed Track1:44
  • 048Memories of a Vanished WorldFull Mix1:41
  • 049Memories of a Vanished WorldAlt Mix Bass1:41
  • 050Memories of a Vanished WorldAlt Mix Piano1:41
  • 051Memories of a Vanished WorldAlt Mix Strings1:41
  • 052Memories of a Vanished WorldAlt Mix Synths1:41
  • 053Red TideFull Mix1:34
  • 054Red TideAlt Mix Just Choir1:34
  • 055Red TideAlt Mix Just Lead1:34
  • 056Red TideAlt Mix No Lead1:34
  • 057Red TideAlt Mix Synth Pulses1:34
  • 058SeanceFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)2:01
  • 059Still WatersFull Mix2:00
  • 060Still WatersAlt Mix No Lead2:00




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