Pulsing Tension Vol 2

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Pulsing Tension Vol 2 SSM0045

Pulsing is an understatement! This beating, dissonant and tense collection will make you shiver with anticipation. These tracks are filled with intrigue, suspense and agonising nervousness, enough to make you jump out of your seat.

Space & Sound Music SSM0045

  • 001It's Got A PulseFull Mix2:07
  • 002It's Got A PulseStem Lead2:07
  • 003It's Got A PulseStem Orchestra2:07
  • 004It's Got A PulseStem Drums2:07
  • 005Dystopian DaysFull Mix1:19
  • 006Dystopian DaysAlt Mix No Fx No Hits1:19
  • 007Dystopian DaysAlt Mix No Perc1:19
  • 008Dystopian DaysAlt Mix Synth1:19
  • 009MinimartFull Mix2:44
  • 010MinimartAlt Version2:44
  • 011What Did We MissFull Mix1:31
  • 012What Did We MissAlt Mix Bass1:31
  • 013What Did We MissAlt Mix Drums1:31
  • 014What Did We MissAlt Mix Electric Piano1:31
  • 015What Did We MisAlt Mix Synths1:31
  • 016Pushing BoundariesFull Mix1:44
  • 017Pushing BoundariesAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:44
  • 018Pushing BoundariesAlt Mix No Drums Or Percussion1:44
  • 019Pushing BoundariesAlt Mix No Lead1:44
  • 020Bad RobotFull Mix1:31
  • 021Bad RobotAlt Mix Ambient Nightmare1:31
  • 022Bad RobotAlt Mix Bed Track1:31
  • 023In This TogetherFull Mix2:24
  • 024In This TogetherAlt Mix No Bell Melody2:24
  • 025Lab FormulasFull Mix1:50
  • 026Lab FormulasAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:50
  • 027Lab FormulasAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:50
  • 028Lab FormulasAlt Mix Drums Only1:50
  • 029Lab FormulasAlt Mix No Drums1:50
  • 030Running The DarknessFull Mix1:39
  • 031Running The DarknessAlt Mix No Drums1:39
  • 032Scientific MethodFull Mix1:36
  • 033Scientific MethodAlt Mix Ambient Strings1:36
  • 034Scientific MethodAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 035Time Waits For No ManFull Mix1:57
  • 036Time Waits For No ManAlt Bass And Percussion1:57
  • 037Time Waits For No ManAlt No Lead1:57
  • 038Calculated MoveFull Mix2:24
  • 039Calculated MoveAlt Mix With Drums2:24
  • 040CulminateFull Mix2:07
  • 041CulminateAlt Mix No Lead2:07




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