Pulsing Tension Vol 1

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Pulsing Tension Vol 1 SSM0044

Suspensful and dystopian electronic arrangements feature bruting synths, soothing atomspheres, and heart-pounding climaxes that leave you on your toes

Space & Sound Music SSM0044

  • 001The City Wakes UpFull Mix1:56
  • 002The City Wakes UpPulse1:56
  • 003The City Wakes UpPerc1:56
  • 004The City Wakes UpLead1:56
  • 005The City Wakes UpKeys1:56
  • 006The City Wakes UpFx1:56
  • 007Call From An UnknownFull Mix1:36
  • 008Call From An UnknownBass1:36
  • 009Call From An UnknownDrums1:36
  • 010Call From An UnknownFx1:36
  • 011Call From An UnknownSynths1:36
  • 012CluesFull Mix1:23
  • 013In Other NewsFull Mix1:40
  • 014In Other NewsSynth1:40
  • 015In Other NewsPulse1:40
  • 016In Other NewsFx1:40
  • 017In Other NewsArps1:40
  • 018Deceptive LayersFull Mix1:46
  • 019Deceptive LayersBass1:46
  • 020Deceptive LayersFx1:46
  • 021Deceptive LayersPercussion1:46
  • 022Deceptive LayersPiano Lead1:46
  • 023Deceptive LayersSynths1:46
  • 024Deranged to BuildFull Mix1:37
  • 025Falling MarketFull Mix1:45
  • 026Falling MarketPercussion1:45
  • 027Falling MarketPiano1:45
  • 028Falling MarketPulse1:45
  • 029Falling MarketSynth1:45
  • 030Fried HardwareFull Mix1:46
  • 031Fried HardwareArps1:46
  • 032Fried HardwareFx1:46
  • 033Fried HardwarePulse1:46
  • 034Fried HardwareSynths1:46
  • 035In Enemy TerritoryFull Mix1:58
  • 036In Enemy TerritoryNo Perc No Bass2:06
  • 037In Enemy TerritoryPerc and Bass2:06
  • 038Piece By PieceFull Mix1:59
  • 039Piece By PieceArps1:59
  • 040Piece By PieceFx1:59
  • 041Piece By PieceSynth1:59
  • 042Searching The VoidFull Mix1:59
  • 043Searching The VoidAtmospheric Synths1:59
  • 044Searching The VoidBass Synth1:59
  • 045Searching The VoidDrums1:59
  • 046Searching The VoidGuitar1:59
  • 047Searching The VoidMelodic Synths1:59
  • 048Searching The VoidPulsing Synths1:59
  • 049Texture PulseFull Mix1:56
  • 050Building PulseFull Mix0:49
  • 051Two Against OneFull Mix1:58
  • 052wo Against OneNo Bass2:03
  • 053Two Against OnePerc and Rev Synth Only2:03
  • 054Disturbed to PulseFull Mix0:45




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