Cyber Crime

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Cyber Crime SSM0042

Digital, dark, and mysterious, this collection of suspenseful tracks feature eerie synths, metallic percussion, and dystopian atmospheres to send you into the digital realm.

Space & Sound Music SSM0042

  • 001InfestationFull Mix1:37
  • 002InfestationAlt Mix No Lead Arp1:37
  • 003Feeling TensionFull Mix2:36
  • 004Feeling TensionAlt Mix No Percussion2:36
  • 005Feeling TensionAlt Mix Percussion Throughout2:36
  • 006Laboratory StressFull Mix1:43
  • 007Laboratory StressAlt Mix Bed Track1:43
  • 008Laboratory StressAlt Mix No Perc1:43
  • 009Laboratory StressAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:43
  • 010Laboratory StressAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:43
  • 011Laboratory StressAlt Mix Ambient With Percussion1:43
  • 012Laboratory StressAlt Mix Ambient Mix No Melody1:43
  • 013Crime Scene TensionFull Mix1:36
  • 014Crime Scene TensionAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:36
  • 015Crime Scene TensionAlt Mix Pulsing1:36
  • 016Machine Or ManFull Mix1:36
  • 017Machine Or ManStem Arp1:36
  • 018Machine Or ManStem Fx1:36
  • 019Machine Or ManStem Perc1:36
  • 020Machine Or ManStem Pulse1:36
  • 021Criminal ThoughtsFull Mix1:24
  • 022Criminal ThoughtsAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:26
  • 023Criminal ThoughtsAlt Mix Bed Track1:24
  • 024Criminal ThoughtsAlt Mix Drums And Arp1:20
  • 025DeliriumFull Mix1:32
  • 026DeliriumAlt Mix Bass, Percussion And Synth1:32
  • 027DeliriumAlt Mix Synth And Arp1:32
  • 028DeliriumAlt Mix Synth, Arp And Keys1:32
  • 029Face OffFull Mix1:36
  • 030Face OffAlt Mix Pads1:36
  • 031Face OffAlt Mix Pads And Bass1:36
  • 032Face OffAlt Mix Pads, Bass And Arp1:36
  • 033Face OffAlt Mix Pads, Bass And Strings1:36
  • 034The PursuitFull Mix2:15
  • 035The PursuitAlt Mix Ambient Mix2:15
  • 036The PursuitAlt Mix Bed Track2:13
  • 037The PursuitAlt Mix Drums And Synth2:13
  • 038NefariousFull Mix1:42
  • 039NefariousAlt Mix Arp, Bass And Drums1:42
  • 040NefariousAlt Mix Synth And Arp1:40
  • 041TransgressionFull Mix1:58
  • 042TransgressionAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:58
  • 043TransgressionAlt Mix Bass And Pad1:58
  • 044TransgressionAlt Mix Bass And Percussion1:58
  • 045Time PortalFull Mix1:38
  • 046Time PortalAlt Mix Drums And Percussion1:38
  • 047Time PortalAlt Mix Lead Only1:35
  • 048Time PortalAlt Mix Percussion And Bass1:38




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