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Stakeout SSM0036

With mysterious and ominous textures, this collection of quiet and brooding tracks provide the suspense and tension needed for any high stakes scene.

Space & Sound Music SSM0036

  • 001On Edge!Full Mix1:42
  • 002On Edge!Alt Mix Ambient Mix1:50
  • 003Season Of DeathFull Mix1:39
  • 004Season Of DeathAlt Mix No Lead1:39
  • 005Season Of DeathAlt Mix No Drums1:39
  • 006Season Of DeathAlt Mix Underscore1:39
  • 007Season Of DeathAlt Mix Ambient Bed1:39
  • 008Season Of DeathAlt Mix Drums Only1:39
  • 009Cut The Blue WireFull Mix2:54
  • 010Cut The Blue WireNo Lead2:54
  • 011Cut The Blue WireAlt Mix Drums and Bass4:26
  • 012Cut The Blue WireAlt Mix Ambient Mix2:58
  • 013A Psycho's PathFull Mix1:36
  • 014A Psycho's PathAlt Mix Arp, Bass and Drums1:36
  • 015A Psycho's PathAlt Mix Arp, Pad and Keys1:36
  • 016A Psycho's PathAlt Mix Percussion, Drums and FX1:36
  • 017Tense NegotiatonFull Mix1:32
  • 018Tense NegotiatonAlt Mix No Melody1:32
  • 019Tense NegotiatonAlt Mix No Drums1:32
  • 020Tense NegotiatonAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:32
  • 021Aqua MixFull Mix2:03
  • 022Aqua MixAlt Mix Main Synth1:59
  • 023Aqua MixAlt Mix Percussion and Synth1:18
  • 024Aqua MixAlt Mix Percussion1:18
  • 025Aqua MixAlt Mix Synth and FX1:58
  • 026Aqua MixAlt Mix Synths and Bass2:00
  • 027Eye On The PrizeFull Mix1:41
  • 028Eye On The PrizeAlt Mix No Melody1:41
  • 029Eye On The PrizeAlt Mix Drums and FX1:41
  • 030Eye On The PrizeAlt Mix Lighter Mix1:41
  • 031Eye On The PrizeAlt Mix Melodic Mix1:41
  • 032Eye On The PrizeAlt Mix No Drums1:41
  • 033Eye On The PrizeAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:41
  • 034Looming DangerFull Mix1:52
  • 035Looming DangerAlt Mix No Drums1:52
  • 036Opium TrailFull Mix1:54
  • 037Opium TrailAltMix No Melody1:54
  • 038Opium TrailAltMix AmbientTrack1:54
  • 039Opium TrailAltMix Percussion1:54
  • 040Out RunFull Mix1:22
  • 041Out RunAlt Mix bass1:22
  • 042Out RunAlt Mix Drums1:22
  • 043Out RunAlt Mix fx1:22
  • 044Out RunAlt Mix strings1:22
  • 045Out RunAlt Mix synth1:22
  • 046Synth ChaseFull Mix1:54
  • 047Synth ChaseAlt Mix No Drums1:54
  • 048Synth ChaseAlt Mix No Pads1:54
  • 049Synth ChaseAlt Mix Synth Only1:17
  • 050The Case Of The Missing FileFull Mix1:48
  • 051The Case Of The Missing FileAlt Mix No Lead1:45
  • 052The Case Of The Missing FileAlt Mix Percussion and Bass1:45
  • 053The ChamberFull Mix2:33
  • 054The ChamberAlt Mix Ambient Mix2:36
  • 055The ChamberAlt Mix No Lead2:06




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