Research Lab

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Research Lab SSM0035

Dramatic and dark underscores full of strange and stressed energy. This collection of suspenseful tracks leaves a digital taste on your tongue.

Space & Sound Music SSM0035

  • 001Clinical ResearchFull Mix1:33
  • 002Clinical ResearchAlt Mix Drone1:33
  • 003Drama In The LabFull Mix1:33
  • 004Drama In The LabAlt Mix Albass1:33
  • 005Drama In The LabAlt Mix Chords1:33
  • 006Drama In The LabAlt Mix Drums1:33
  • 007Drama In The LabAlt Mix Pulsing Keys1:33
  • 008Latched NoteFull Mix1:48
  • 009Latched NoteAlt Mix Arp And Pads1:48
  • 010Latched NoteAlt Mix No Melody1:48
  • 011Latched NoteAlt Mix Percussion And Bass1:48
  • 012BloodsportFull Mix2:00
  • 013BloodsportAlt Mix No Drums2:00
  • 014BloodsportAlt Mix Synths Only2:00
  • 015Edge Of DiscoveryFull Mix1:40
  • 016Edge Of DiscoveryAlt Mix Bass Arp1:40
  • 017Edge Of DiscoveryAlt Mix Noise1:40
  • 018Edge Of DiscoveryAlt Mix Orchestra1:40
  • 019Hunting It DownFull Mix1:24
  • 020Hunting It DownAlt Mix No Drums1:24
  • 021Hunting It DownAlt Mix Synth Only1:24
  • 022It's HappeningFull Mix1:36
  • 023It's HappeningAlt Mixbass Only1:36
  • 024It's HappeningAlt Mix fx Only1:36
  • 025It's HappeningAlt Mixpads And Pulse1:36
  • 026It's HappeningAlt Mixstrings Only1:36
  • 027In ControlFull Mix1:33
  • 028In ControlAlt Mix No Fx1:33
  • 029In ControlAlt Mix No Perc1:33
  • 030In ControlAlt Mix Synth Only1:33
  • 031It's Right In Front!Full Mix1:53
  • 032It's Right In Front!Alt Mix Bed Track1:53
  • 033Night PlagueFull Mix1:44
  • 034Night PlagueAlt Mix Bed Track1:44
  • 035Night PlagueAlt Mix No Perc1:44
  • 036Seemingly StrangeFull Mix2:16
  • 037Seemingly StrangeAlt Mix Background Fx2:16
  • 038Seemingly StrangeAlt Mix Percussion2:16
  • 039Seemingly StrangeAlt Mix Pulses2:16
  • 040Shelter In PlaceFull Mix4:05
  • 041Shelter In PlaceAlt Mix Drums4:05
  • 042Shelter In PlaceAlt Mix Main Arp4:05
  • 043Shelter In PlaceAlt Mix Synth Layers4:05
  • 044Shelter In PlaceAlt Mix Vocal Chops4:05
  • 045The Solution Is ElectricFull Mix1:51
  • 046The Solution Is ElectricAlt Mix Bed Track.1:51




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