Triumphant Epic Orchestral

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Triumphant Epic Orchestral SSM0034

Powerful, heroic, and inspiring, this collection of triumphant tracks feature soaring strings, intense percussion, and epic atmospheres to make you feel on top of the world.

Space & Sound Music SSM0034

  • 001Never SurrenderFull Mix2:24
  • 002Never SurrenderAlt Mix Melodic Elements2:24
  • 003Never SurrenderAlt Mix SFX2:24
  • 004Never SurrenderAlt Mix Percussion2:24
  • 005And The Winner IsFull Mix2:48
  • 006And The Winner IsAlt Mix Melodic Elements2:48
  • 007And The Winner IsAlt Mix Percussion2:48
  • 008And The Winner IsAlt Mix SFX2:48
  • 009Top of the MountainFull Mix2:15
  • 010Top of the MountainAlt Mix Melodic Elements2:15
  • 011Top of the MountainAlt Mix Percussion2:15
  • 012Linked ForeverFull Mix2:03
  • 013Linked ForeverAlt Mix Percussion & SFX2:03
  • 014Linked ForeverAlt Mix Melodic Elements2:03
  • 015Determination And GloryFull Mix Jolene Maria Fredricson2:19
  • 016Determination And GloryAlt Mix No Spiccato Strings2:19
  • 017Determination And GloryAlt Mix No Horns Lead2:19
  • 018Determination And GloryAlt Mix No Perc No Bass Pulse2:19
  • 019Determination And GloryAlt Mix No Perc No Fx2:19
  • 020Determination And GloryAlt Mix No Perc2:19
  • 021Finish StrongFull Mix2:00
  • 022Finish StrongAlt Mix No Lead2:00
  • 023Finish StrongAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:00
  • 024Finish StrongAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:00
  • 025Triumphant WinFull Mix2:38
  • 026Triumphant WinAlt Mix SFX2:38
  • 027Triumphant WinAlt Mix Percussion2:38
  • 028Triumphant WinAlt Mix Melodic Elements2:38
  • 029Taking the LeadFull Mix2:12
  • 030Taking the LeadAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 031Taking the LeadAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:12
  • 032Test Of WillpowerFull Mix1:42
  • 033Test Of WillpowerAlt Mix No Orchestra1:42
  • 034Test Of WillpowerAlt Mix No Percussion1:42
  • 035The Condors SpiritFull Mix1:48
  • 036The Condors SpiritAlt Mix No Lead1:48
  • 037The Condors SpiritAlt Mix Strings1:48
  • 038The Condors SpiritAlt Mix No Drums1:48
  • 039The Condors SpiritAlt Mix Drums & Percussion1:48
  • 040The Final RunFull Mix2:03
  • 041The Final RunAlt Mix Bass1:48
  • 042The Final RunAlt Mix Fx1:48
  • 043The Final RunAlt Mix Percussion1:48
  • 044The Final RunAlt Mix Strings1:48
  • 045The Final RunAlt Mix Synth Guitar1:48
  • 046The Final RunAlt Mix Brass1:48
  • 047The Hero In MeFull Mix2:04
  • 048The Hero In MeAlt Mix Bass2:04
  • 049The Hero In MeAlt Mix Brass2:04
  • 050The Hero In MeAlt Mix Fx2:04
  • 051The Hero In MeAlt Mix Percussion2:04
  • 052The Hero In MeAlt Mix Strings2:04
  • 053The Hero In MeAlt Mix Synth Guitar2:04
  • 054Moving ForwardFull Mix2:05
  • 055Moving ForwardAlt Mix No Drums No Perc2:05
  • 056Between The Moon and EarthFull Mix3:35
  • 057Between The Moon and EarthAlt Mix Drums and Bass4:07
  • 058Between The Moon and EarthAlt Mix Bed Track4:42




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