Dark Web

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Dark Web SSM0031

Dark, Brooding Synth and Pulsing beats with Ominous Eerie SFX to create suspenseful tones and investigative soundscapes.

Space & Sound Music SSM0031

  • 001Containment BreachFull Mix1:36
  • 002Containment BreachAlt Mix Percussion, Bass, and Braams1:36
  • 003Containment BreachAlt Mix Bed Track1:36
  • 004Killer InstinctFull Mix1:46
  • 005Killer InstinctAlt Mix No Melody1:46
  • 006Killer InstinctAlt Mix No Drums1:46
  • 007Killer InstinctAlt Mix Melodic Mix1:46
  • 008Killer InstinctAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:46
  • 009Lurking BelowFull Mix2:48
  • 010Lurking BelowAlt Mix No Drums2:48
  • 011OrganismsFull Mix1:36
  • 012OrganismsAlt Mix With Cymbals Hi Hats1:36
  • 013Patient ZeroFull Mix2:04
  • 014Patient ZeroAlt Mix Bed Track2:04
  • 015Patient ZeroAlt Mix No Drums, Bed Track2:04
  • 016Wretched SoulFull Mix1:54
  • 017Wretched SoulAlt Mix Just Drums1:54
  • 018Wretched SoulAlt Mix Just Bass1:54
  • 019Wretched SoulAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:54
  • 020Wretched SoulAlt Mix Arps and Sound Design1:54
  • 021Wretched SoulAlt Mix Ambient Bed1:54
  • 022A Squid is Born MixFull Mix1:54
  • 023A Squid is BornAlt Mix Ambient Bed Track1:54
  • 024Abandoned HighwayFull Mix1:43
  • 025Abandoned HighwayAlt Mix FX1:43
  • 026Abandoned HighwayAlt Mix Pulse1:43
  • 027Abandoned HighwayAlt Mix Strings1:43
  • 028Controlled AnxietyFull Mix1:33
  • 029Controlled AnxietyAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:32
  • 030Controlled AnxietyAlt Mix Bass and Percussion1:33
  • 031EmergentFull Mix2:04
  • 032EmergentAlt Mix Ambient Track2:04
  • 033EmergentAlt Mix Arp, Bass and Pads2:04
  • 034EmergentAlt Mix Bass, Drums, Percussion and FX2:04
  • 035ExposureFull Mix2:07
  • 036ExposureAlt Mix Arp, Drums and Percussion2:04
  • 037ExposureAlt Mix Bed Track2:06
  • 038ExposureAlt Mix Drums, Percussion and Bass2:06
  • 039SuspicionFull Mix2:06
  • 040SuspicionAlt Mix Bed Track2:06
  • 041SuspicionAlt Mix Drum and Synth2:06
  • 042SuspicionAlt Mix Synth2:06
  • 043What Comes NextFull Mix1:35
  • 044What Comes NextAlt Mix FX1:35
  • 045What Comes NextAlt Mix Lead1:35
  • 046What Comes NextAlt Mix Synth1:35




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