Outerspace Textures

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Outerspace Textures SSM0030

Dramatic and mystical tones that create sweeping soundscapes, this collection is filled with vast sounds and textures that place you right there in the never-ending expanse of space and stars.

Space & Sound Music SSM0030

  • 001Curious ExpanseFull Mix1:50
  • 002Curious ExpanseAlt Mix Pulse Only1:50
  • 003Curious ExpanseAlt Mix Hi Pitch Only1:50
  • 004Curious ExpanseAlt Mix Ambient1:50
  • 0054th DimensionFull Mix1:34
  • 0064th DimensionAlt Mix Synths 11:34
  • 0074th DimensionAlt Mix Synths 21:15
  • 0084th DimensionAlt Mix Synths 31:31
  • 009Celestial DreamFull Mix2:07
  • 010Celestial DreamAlt Mix No Lead2:07
  • 011Celestial DreamAlt Mix Strings and Pads2:07
  • 012Celestial DreamAlt Mix Just Lead2:07
  • 013Celestial DreamAlt Mix Strings and Brass2:07
  • 014Aeon SkyFull Mix1:45
  • 015Aeon SkyAlt Mix Synths1:44
  • 016Time On SaturnFull Mix1:52
  • 017Time On SaturnAlt Mix No Piano1:55
  • 018Time On SaturnAlt Mix No Drums1:55
  • 019Time On SaturnAlt Mix No Bass1:55
  • 020Time On SaturnAlt Mix Just Synths1:55
  • 021Time On SaturnAlt Mix Just Piano1:55
  • 022AmplexusFull Mix1:59
  • 023AmplexusAlt Mix Pulse Synths1:58
  • 024AmplexusAlt Mix Synths 11:58
  • 025AmplexusAlt Mix Synths 21:58
  • 026BoundlessFull Mix1:52
  • 027BoundlessAlt Mix Just Bass1:48
  • 028BoundlesAlt Mix Just Double Time Pulses1:48
  • 029BoundlessAlt Mix Just Drones1:48
  • 030BoundlessAlt Mix No Arp1:48
  • 031BoundlessAlt Mix No Bass1:48
  • 032Comanche RiseFull Mix1:31
  • 033Comanche RiseAlt Mix No Lead Synth1:38
  • 034Comanche RiseAlt Mix Lead Synth and Strings1:38
  • 035Comanche RiseAlt Mix No Bass1:38
  • 036Comanche RiseAlt Mix No Strings1:38
  • 037Comanche RiseAlt Mix Piano and Pad1:38
  • 038DarkstarAlt MixFull Mix1:46
  • 039DarkstarAlt Mix Synths1:36
  • 040Overt MissionFull Mix1:33
  • 041Overt MissionAlt Mix Piano and Sound Design1:33
  • 042Overt MissionAlt Mix No Piano1:33
  • 043Overt MissionAlt Mix No Drums1:33
  • 044Overt MissionAlt Mix No Bass1:33
  • 045Overt MissionAlt Mix Just Drums1:33
  • 046Overt MissionAlt Mix Drums and Bass5:07
  • 047Overt MissionAlt Mix Bass and Sound Design1:33
  • 048Eve of ConflictFull Mix2:07
  • 049Eve of ConflictAlt Mix No Lead2:07
  • 050Floating WeaponsFull Mix1:41
  • 051Floating WeaponsAlt Mix Just Synth1:41
  • 052Floating WeaponsAlt Mix No Piano6:01
  • 053Floating WeaponsAlt Mix No Synth1:41
  • 054Floating WeaponsAlt Mix Piano and Drones1:41
  • 055Floating WeaponsAlt Mix Piano Drums and Bass6:01
  • 056Inside The ShipFull Mix1:48
  • 057Inside The ShipAlt Mix Drums and Keys1:48
  • 058Inside The ShipAlt Mix Just Ambience1:48
  • 059Inside The ShipAlt Mix Just Drums1:48
  • 060Inside The ShipAlt Mix Keys and Ambience1:48
  • 061Inside The ShipAlt Mix No Drums1:48
  • 062Light A CandleFull Mix2:08
  • 063Light A CandleAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:08
  • 064Light A CandlAlt Mix Just Synth Leads2:08
  • 065Light A CandleAlt Mix No Bass2:08
  • 066Light A CandleAlt Mix No Drums2:08
  • 067Light A CandleAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 068On MarsFull Mix2:15
  • 069On MarsAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:15
  • 070On MarsAlt Mix Drums and Drone2:15
  • 071On MarsAlt Mix Drums and Orchestra2:15
  • 072On MarsAlt Mix Just Ambience2:15
  • 073On MarsAlt Mix No Drums2:15
  • 074On MarsAlt Mix Synths and Orchestra2:15
  • 075RadiationFull Mix1:42
  • 076RadiationAlt Mix Bass and Percussion1:42
  • 077RadiationAlt Mix Just Piano1:42
  • 078RadiationAlt Mix No Bass1:42
  • 079RadiationAlt Mix No Drums1:42
  • 080RadiationAlt Mix No Piano1:42
  • 081Space Flight to a Distant HomeFull Mix1:40
  • 082Space Flight to a Distant HomeAlt Mix Percussion1:40
  • 083Space Flight to a Distant HomeAlt Mix Piano1:40
  • 084Space Flight to a Distant HomeAlt Mix Strings1:40
  • 085Space Flight to a Distant HomeAlt Mix Synths1:40
  • 086Spirit TalkerFull Mix2:18
  • 087Spirit TalkerAlt Mix No Lead2:14
  • 088Spirit TalkerAlt Mix Just Bass2:14
  • 089Spirit TalkerAlt Mix Just Pads2:14
  • 090Spirit TalkerAlt Mix Lead and Bass7:32
  • 091Spirit TalkerAlt Mix No Bass2:14
  • 092Stardust EcstasyFull Mix1:59
  • 093Stardust EcstasyAlt Mix No Lead2:02
  • 094Stardust EcstasyAlt Mix Drums and Pulses5:21
  • 095Stardust EcstasyAlt Mix Drums Percussion and Bass2:02
  • 096Stardust EcstasyAlt Mix Just Ambience5:26
  • 097Stardust EcstasyAlt Mix Just Lead2:02
  • 098The EmpireFull Mix1:31
  • 099The EmpireAlt Mix Drums and Bass1:31
  • 100The EmpireAlt Mix Just Synths1:31
  • 101The EmpireAlt Mix No Bass1:31
  • 102The EmpireAlt Mix No Drums1:31
  • 103The EmpireAlt Mix No Piano1:31




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