Latin Suspense

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Latin Suspense SSM0026

Passionate and intense, this collection of dramatic Latin tracks will have you moving to classic Latin rhythms, but only to the edge of your seat. With dark and ominous undertones, this collection is filled with dark, tense, and proud moments.

Space & Sound Music SSM0026

  • 001AugustoFull Mix1:39
  • 002AugustoAlt Mix Ambient Strings No Guitar1:39
  • 003AugustoAlt Mix Ambient Strings with Guitar1:39
  • 004AugustoAlt Mix No Lead1:39
  • 005Rise from the AshesFull Mix1:58
  • 006Rise from the AshesAlt Mix Ambient Drone1:58
  • 007Rise from the AshesAlt Mix No LeadBed track1:58
  • 008Rise from the AshesAlt Mix Percussion and Bass1:58
  • 009CucarachaFull Mix2:05
  • 010CucarachaAlt Mix Ambient Bells Flutes and Percussion2:05
  • 011CucarachaAlt Mix Ambient Isolated Guitarxx2:05
  • 012CucarachaAlt Mix Ambient Strings2:05
  • 013CucarachaAlt Mix No Lead2:05
  • 014Crimen OrganizadoFull Mix1:48
  • 015Crimen OrganizadoAlt Mix No Lead1:48
  • 016DEA UndercoverFull Mix1:36
  • 017DEA UndercoverAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 018Hunting the CartelFull Mix1:38
  • 019Hunting the CartelAlt Mix No Lead1:38
  • 020Tex MexFull Mix1:41
  • 021Tex MexAlt Mix Acoustic & Baritone1:40
  • 022Tex MexAlt Mix Bass & Drum1:42
  • 023Tex MexAlt Mix Guitars Only1:41
  • 024Tex MexAlt Mix No Drums1:41
  • 025Tex MexAlt Mix No Mandolin1:43
  • 026Worn FullFull Mix1:38
  • 027WornAlt Mix Bass & Drum1:34
  • 028WornAlt Mix No Drums1:40
  • 029WornAlt Mix No Guitar1:46
  • 030WornAlt Mix No Latin Drums1:38
  • 031WornAlt Mix No Melody1:38
  • 032WornAlt Mix No Urban Drums1:37
  • 033WornAlt Mix Piano & Guitar1:36
  • 034Costa RicaFull Mix1:30
  • 035Costa RicaAlt Mix Bass & Drum1:29
  • 036Costa RicaAlt Mix No Drums1:34
  • 037Costa RicaAlt Mix No Guitar1:31
  • 038Costa RicaAlt Mix No Piano1:33
  • 039Costa RicaAlt Mix Solo Guitar1:28




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