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Synthwave SSM0024

Bathe in all the synthesizer's glory! This collection of hard-hitting synth tracks is bound to get your energy and excitement up. From the drum beat to the accompaniment to the lead melodies, you can expect synths everywhere you listen in this upbeat collection of neon fun.

Space & Sound Music SSM0024

  • 001Hopeful NeonFull Mix2:17
  • 002Hopeful NeonAlt Mix No Leads2:17
  • 003Hopeful NeonAlt Mix Ambient2:17
  • 004Hopeful NeonAlt Mix No Drums2:17
  • 005Hopeful NeonAlt Mix Drums Bass SFX2:17
  • 006Hopeful NeonAlt Mix Drums2:17
  • 007Walking And HackingFull Mix1:46
  • 008Walking And HackingAlt Mix No Leads1:46
  • 009Walking And HackingAlt Mix Bass Pads1:46
  • 010Walking And HackingAlt Mix Drums Bass1:46
  • 011Walking And HackingAlt Mix No Drums1:46
  • 012Rekindling an 80's LoveFull Mix2:04
  • 013Rekindling an 80's LoveAlt Mix No Leads2:04
  • 014Rekindling an 80's LoveAlt Mix Bass Pads2:04
  • 015Rekindling an 80's LoveAlt Mix No Drums2:04
  • 016Rekindling an 80's LoveAlt Mix Drums Bass2:04
  • 017As Epic As It TakesFull Mix1:51
  • 018As Epic As It TakesAlt Mix Bass Arps1:51
  • 019As Epic As It TakesAlt Mix No Drums1:51
  • 020As Epic As It TakesAlt Mix Drums Bass1:51
  • 021Cyber SunFull Mix2:17
  • 022Cyber SunAlt Mix No Lead2:17
  • 023Cyber SunAlt Mix No Drums2:17
  • 024Cyber SunAlt Mix No Drums Bass2:17
  • 025Cyber SunAlt Mix Drums Bass2:17
  • 026NetWorkFull Mix2:36
  • 027NetWorkAlt Mix No Lead2:36
  • 028NetWorkAlt Mix Ambient2:36
  • 029NetWorkAlt Mix Ambient No Bass2:36
  • 030NetWorkAlt Mix Drums Bass SFX2:36
  • 031NetWorkAlt Mix Drums2:36
  • 032NetWorkAlt Mix No Drums2:36
  • 033Out On the RunFull Mix1:46
  • 034Out On the RunAlt Mix Bass Synth Arps1:46
  • 035Out On the RunAlt Mix Drum Bass1:46
  • 036Out On the RunAlt MixDrum Bass Risers Impacts1:46
  • 037Out On the RunAlt Mix No Drums No Risers No Impacts1:46
  • 038Out On the RunAlt Mix No Drums with Risers Impacts1:46
  • 039Persistent WonderFull Mix2:11
  • 040Persistent WonderAlt Mix Pads2:11
  • 041Persistent WonderAlt Mix No Bass2:11
  • 042Persistent WonderAlt Mix No Bass Pulse2:11
  • 043Persistent WonderAlt Mix No Pad Plucks2:11
  • 044Persistent WonderAlt Mix No Voice Plucks2:11
  • 045Sunglasses And ConvertiblesFull Mix1:49
  • 046Sunglasses And ConvertiblesAlt Mix No Leads1:53
  • 047Coded HorizonFull Mix2:15
  • 048Coded HorizonAlt Mix Drums2:15
  • 049Coded HorizonAlt Mix Drums Bass SFX2:15
  • 050Coded HorizonAlt Mix No Drums2:15
  • 051Coded HorizonAlt Mix No Drums Bass2:28
  • 052EtherFull Mix2:28
  • 053EtherAlt Mix No Drums1:57
  • 054Fragmented GlassFull Mix1:57
  • 055Fragmented GlassAlt Mix Plucked1:57
  • 056Fragmented GlassAlt Mix No Drums1:57
  • 057Fragmented GlassAlt Mix Drums1:57




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