String Quartet Tension

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String Quartet Tension SSM0023

Beautifully played string quartet collection that provides a sense of thrill, intelligently adding furtive tension to any scene. Often mysterious, these tracks are perfect for tense and dramatic situations.

Space & Sound Music SSM0023

  • 001Almost ThereFull Mix1:45
  • 002Almost ThereSTEM Bass1:45
  • 003Almost ThereSTEM Brass1:45
  • 004Almost ThereSTEM Crashes1:45
  • 005Almost ThereSTEM Drums1:45
  • 006Almost ThereSTEM String Quartet1:45
  • 007Alone In The Dark ParkFull Mix1:46
  • 008Alone In The Dark ParkSTEM Brass1:46
  • 009Alone In The Dark ParkSTEM Crash1:46
  • 010Alone In The Dark ParkSTEM Double Bass1:46
  • 011Alone In The Dark ParkSTEM Percussion1:46
  • 012Alone In The Dark ParkSTEM String Quartet1:46
  • 013Chasing The ShadowsFull Mix1:46
  • 014Chasing The ShadowsSTEM Brass1:46
  • 015Chasing The ShadowsSTEM Low Strings1:46
  • 016Chasing The ShadowsSTEM Percussion1:46
  • 017Chasing The ShadowsSTEM Piano1:46
  • 018Chasing The ShadowsSTEM Strings High1:46
  • 019Dancing Under PreassureFull Mix1:46
  • 020Dancing Under PreassureSTEM Crash1:46
  • 021Dancing Under PreassureSTEM Drums1:46
  • 022Dancing Under PreassureSTEM High Strings1:46
  • 023Dancing Under PreassureSTEM Low Strings1:46
  • 024Fretful WindsFull Mix1:33
  • 025Fretful WindsAlt Mix Winds And Sparse Strings1:32
  • 026Lost In The WoodsFull Mix1:58
  • 027Lost In The WoodsSTEM Bass1:58
  • 028Lost In The WoodsSTEM Crashes1:58
  • 029Lost In The WoodsSTEM Drums1:58
  • 030Lost In The WoodsSTEM Piano1:58
  • 031Lost In The WoodsSTEM String Quartet1:58
  • 032Not In My CountryFull Mix1:44
  • 033Not In My CountrySTEM Brass1:44
  • 034Not In My CountrySTEM Crashes1:44
  • 035Not In My CountrySTEM Drums1:44
  • 036Not In My CountrySTEM High Strings1:44
  • 037Not In My CountrySTEM Low Strings1:44
  • 038Run Away From YourselfFull Mix2:01
  • 039Run Away From YourselfSTEM Cymbals2:01
  • 040Run Away From YourselfSTEM Drums2:01
  • 041Run Away From YourselfSTEM High Strings2:01
  • 042Run Away From YourselfSTEM Lead Violin2:01
  • 043Run Away From YourselfSTEM Low Strings2:01
  • 044Threatened By The UnknownFull Mix1:29
  • 045Treatened By The UnknownSTEM Bass1:29
  • 046Treatened By The UnknownSTEM Crash1:29
  • 047Treatened By The UnknownSTEM Drums1:29
  • 048Treatened By The UnknownSTEM String Quartet1:29




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