Modern Tension

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Modern Tension SSM0022

Filled with tension and suspense, these tracks are perfect for any tense scene in a modern production. With ominous and dark tones that create stressed and anxious sounds, this collection will give you everything you need to put you on the edge of your seat.

Space & Sound Music SSM0022

  • 001They're GoneFull Mix2:03
  • 002They're GoneAlt Mix No Lead2:03
  • 003They're GoneAlt Mix No Drums2:03
  • 004They're GoneAlt Mix Drums Only2:03
  • 005Stranger VirusFull Mix1:32
  • 006Stranger VirusAlt Mix Drone1:32
  • 007Tres BizarreFull MIx2:06
  • 008Tres BizarreAlt Mix Bed Track2:06
  • 009Tres BizarreAlt Mix Ambient2:06
  • 010Grasp the VastFull Mix2:20
  • 011Grasp the VastAlt Mix Drums and Percussion2:20
  • 012Grasp the VastAlt Mix Drums and Guitars2:20
  • 013Grasp the VastAlt Mix Ambient Mix2:20
  • 014Grasp the VastAlt Bed Mix2:20
  • 015AscensionFull Mix1:54
  • 016AscensionAlt Mix_No Piano1:54
  • 017CalculationsFull Mix2:24
  • 018CalculationsAlt Mix Minimalist2:24
  • 019CelestialFull Mix1:41
  • 020CelestialAlt Mix_noPianok1:41
  • 021Deep Black IceFull Mix2:18
  • 022Deep Black IceAlt Mix No Lead2:18
  • 023Deep Black IceAlt Mix Ambient Mix2:18
  • 024Deep Black IceAlt Mix No Perc2:18
  • 025FormationsFull Mix2:20
  • 026FormationsAlt Mix No Melody2:20
  • 027Gathering the FactsFull Mix1:45
  • 028Gathering the FactsAlt Mix Ambient Strings1:45
  • 029Hiding In ShadowsFull Mix1:02
  • 030Hiding In ShadowsAlt Mix No Drums1:02
  • 031In HidingFull Mix2:17
  • 032In HidingAlt Mix No Bass2:17
  • 033In HidingAlt Mix No Guitar Melody2:17
  • 034Long FreezeFull Mix1:53
  • 035Long FreezeAlt Mix Pulse and FX1:36
  • 036Long FreezeAlt Mix Pulse and Synths1:17
  • 037Long FreezeAlt Mix Sparse Synths1:45
  • 038LoomingFull Mix2:06
  • 039LoomingAlt Mix No Percussion2:06
  • 040The Game Is UpFull Mix1:40
  • 041The Game Is UpAlt Mix Ambient Mix1:40
  • 042The Game Is UpAlt Mix No Lead1:40
  • 043The Game Is UpAlt Mix No Perc1:40
  • 044Tropical ThumpFull Mix2:06
  • 045Tropical ThumpAlt Mix No Drums2:06




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