Make me Smile

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Make me Smile SSM0020

This fun and jazzy collection produces comedic melodies and grooving rhythms. Each track will have you in a chuckling mood as you follow along with your favourite quirky characters.

Space & Sound Music SSM0020

  • 001B-MovieFull Mix2:28
  • 002B-MovieAlt Mix No Lead2:28
  • 003B-MovieAlt Mix Ambient Vibes And Strings2:28
  • 004B-MovieAlt Mix Bed Track2:28
  • 005French KissFull Mix2:52
  • 006French KissAlt Mix Accordion2:52
  • 007French KissAlt Mix Guitar2:52
  • 008Tango On The BeachFull Mix2:08
  • 009Tango On The BeachAlt Mix No Lead Piano Or Marimba2:08
  • 010Tango On The BeachAlt Mix Ambient Orchestra2:08
  • 011Tango On The BeachAlt Mix Bed Track2:08
  • 012Kitchen Cha Cha ChaFull Mix1:34
  • 013Kitchen Cha Cha ChaAlt Mix Percussion And Bass1:34
  • 014Kitchen Cha Cha ChaAlt Mix No Percussion1:34
  • 015Strolling Through ParisFull Mix1:46
  • 016Strolling Through ParisAlt Mix Piano1:46
  • 017Strolling Through ParisAlt Mix Guitar1:46
  • 018Strolling Through ParisAlt Mix Bass1:46
  • 019Strolling Through ParisAlt Mix Accordion1:46
  • 020James Bond Does CaboFull Mix2:16
  • 021James Bond Does CaboAlt Mix No Lead Piano Or Guitar2:16
  • 022James Bond Does CaboAlt Mix Bed Track2:16
  • 023James Bond Does CaboAlt Mix Ambient Vibes And Organ2:16
  • 024James Bond Does CaboAlt Mix Drums And Bass2:16
  • 025Tango In The StreetFull Mix2:05
  • 026Tango In The StreetAlt Mix No Lead2:05
  • 027Tango In The StreetAlt Mix Ambient Strings2:05
  • 028Tango In The StreetAlt Mix Drums And Bass2:05
  • 029Quirky Beat Box AcapellaFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:41
  • 030Crazy FunFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:32
  • 031Fun Cheerful SpotFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:18
  • 032Fun WackyFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:28
  • 033Happy Go LuckyFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:26
  • 034Goofy GrooveFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)0:15




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